The Lighthouse

There's A Lighthouse On A Hillside
That Over Looks Life's Sea
When I'm Tossed It Sends Out A Light
That I Might See
And The Light That Shines In Darkness
Now Will Safely Lead Me On

If It Wasn't For The Lighthouse
My Ship Would Sail No More
Everybody That Lives Around Us
Says Tear That Old Lighthouse Down
The Big Ships They Don't Sail This Way Anymore
There's No Need Of It Standing Round

But Then My Mind Goes Back To That Stormy Night
When Just In Time I Saw The Light
On The Light From That Old Lighthouse
That Stands Up There On The Hill

And I Thank God For The Lighthouse
I Owe My Life To Him
For Jesus Is The Lighthouse
And From The Rocks Of Sin
He Has Shone His Light Around Me
That I Could Clearly See
And If It Wasn't For The Lighthouse
Where Would This Ship Be?

And If It Wasn't For The Lighthouse
Where Would This Ship Be?

Ronny Hinson wrote this song in '1971'.
So many memories again for my family.
This has to be about one of the biggest,
songs ever written and recorded.
And it remains to be one of the
most recorded songs still today!

God Bless You Ronny....

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The Lighthouse
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