The Cross In My Pocket

I carry a cross in my pocket, a simple reminder to me
Of the fact that I am a Christian no matter where I may be.
This little cross is not magic, nor is it a good luck charm
It isn't meant to protect me from ever physical harm

It's not for identifcation, for all the world to see
It's simply an understanding, between my Savior and me
When I put my hand in my pocket, to bring out a coin or key
The cross is there to remind me, of the price He paid for me

It reminds me, too, to be thankful for my blessings day by day
And to strive to serve Him better in all that I do and say
It's also a daily reminder of the peace and comfort I share
With all who know my Master and give themselves to His care

So I carry a cross in my pocket reminding no one but me
That Jesus Christ is Lord of my life if only I' ll let Him be

Author Verna Thomas

Used with permission of Verna's Grandson.
Thank You So Much.

I have had many friends come into my life.
But this friend is truly like a sister to me.
Through our teenage years, and all through high school.
We went to church together and spent a lot of time,
together at each others homes.
I was so lucky to have had so many wonderful friends.
But I have known this very special friend of mine for almost 50 years now.
We have shared some very good times.
And some sad and hard times too.
But through it all she has always been here for me,
and I have been here for her too.

About 15 years ago she gave me a plaque with this poem.
Little did I know how much I would need to read this poem so often.
And the cross has been in my pocket all this time.
This poem has so much meaning to me.
So many tough times I found myself reading this poem daily.
Other than my very best friend Jesus,
she is my true best friend that lives in my home town.
We did have many years that we didn't see each other.
We both worked and had our families.
But what a reunion it was when I found her again.
Friends come and go but,
Nelva and I will always be here for each other.

An Update on our family friendship.
They say it is a small world.
That is so true, because my parents and Nelva's parents were friends,
and did business together in Paoli, Oklahoma about 1939-1941.
My parents came to Wasco, California, and her parents stayed in Paoli, Oklahoma.
Years passed and my family lived in two other towns in California.

Then our parents met again at church in Fresno, California in the late 1950's.
God brought our two families together again.
When our parents passed away, Nelva and I were there for each other.
A special time for two close friends.

This is for You

I Love You, Carolyn

Carolyn and Nelva

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