Pretty Packages

There are pretty packages in heaven
Filled with unanswered prayers
It doesn't mean He did not listen
Or that He no longer cares.

For when you give Him your problems
An answer you expect to receive
When the answer does not come
You no longer want to believe.

You give Him your requests and heartaches
Then you take them back again
You don't wait for the answer
Before you take them to a friend.

You think that He won't help you
So being human you will not wait
My friend, the answer was coming
It just hadn't left Heavens Gate.

For on earth you have to learn patience
And not on others to depend
For God has a beautiful package
He was just about to send.

It takes time to pack it for you
To fit so perfectly
But if you remain impatient
Your pretty package you'll never see.

Author Nancy Stephens

Used with written permission

Thank you Nancy

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