The Lamb

Walking on a lonely pathway, with not a single friend,
I walked thru many valleys where pitfalls lay within;
Sometimes I crossed a mountain, but its top I never found
but one day I came through a meadow and that's where I saw the Lamb.

And as I gazed upon Him, He looked with compassionate eyes
He said, "you've never been alone, I've been here by your side."
I bowed and cried, "O Lamb of God, have mercy on me I pray"
ever since that time I waited for the Lamb to lead the way.

Since then there's been many valleys, and I've crossed stony ground;
But I have never... walked alone,.... since I have found the Lamb;
I cried, "O Lamb what can I do, to help some weary soul,"
make me strong where I can help to lead them to your fold.

He said, my child just listen, you'll hear those lonely cries,
and when you do, you have the chance to dry those tear filled eyes;
you have the opportunity to offer them a friend,
and I will be there with you, until life's journey's end.

©Written By Anne Peterson

Used with permission

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