Billy Kirwan is one of my online friends.
Billy loves to send prayers through poetry that he writes using Bible Scriptures.
I would like to thank Billy for the many prayers that he has sent to me during my times of not being able to work.
His encouragement has helped me more than he will ever know.
To think that he has taken a tragic accident, and is using it for God's Glory.
God Bless You Billy in all that you do in your daily life in helping others.
The song playing is Billy's favorite as he sang it while walking home from school in the 70's.
May God Bless You as you continue to study Hebrew.

Your friend Carolyn

Billy Kirwan

I adopted Romans 8:28 in the year following the accident that crippled me and killed my mother~Bessie Kirwen~ and 4 year old brother ~Gary Kirwen~.
I did not think the collision was G-d's fault, nor did I think it was "good" but I did know that He can and has worked it for good.
When I read that verse again I latched on to it and cant let go.
I was saved on may 29, 1976.
4 years after the accident that killed mom and my brother Gary. I'm glad that the Father let me live, through it, for if I hand not, it would have been a one way ticket to destruction.
That is why I have trouble when I hear someone saying "G-d sent so and so to Hell".
He does not send anyone there, if you go there is is your own choice, just like going to Heaven.
I know that the Father give us every chance possible, to receive Messiah,
and if we don't do it -- then the blame lies squarely on our own shoulders.

Bless His name for His mercy that endures forever.

Romans 8:28 Poem written by billy kirwan, spring of 1973.

This poem was written about 9 months after a tragic accident crippled me and killed my mother and brother.
The Poem is intended to reach out to people who feel confused by life, and want to turn to the Father for His help.

1. Have you ever wondered
when something has happened to you?
Yes wondered why it has
and what you should do?

2. Well this has recently happened to me
and I couldn't see what the reasoning was,
but if we open our eyes we will see,
G-d has a reason for all that he does.

3. Now having said that I want you to know,
that He will give fruit from the seeds that we sow
Just make them kindness and friendship and love
and He will bless them right now from above.

4. And when you meet someone on the street
Just give them a smile, don't look at your feet
let them your happiness share on this day
That G-d will help them, if they follow His way.

5. So make up your mind that you will try to be happy
and love your own neighbor as much as yourself
Just put on a smile and make others so happy
instead of stowing your smiles on the shelf.

hope that helps someone today.
blessings in the name of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)
billy kirwan (Rom828)

This is the second poem on Romans 8:28 details are included with it. Poem 2 Romans 8:28

I asked the Lord "WHY"

When I prayed last night
I asked the Lord "Why"
Why am I disabled?
Why cant I walk or ride?

His voice came so sweetly
It is not so you will hurt
but so that others can show mercy
to ones hurt from birth

My question still lingered
and still my Lord said wait
till I come and give you
a new body at Heaven's gate

So when we wonder how
to keep our mind form going wild
Just remember that the Father
will give patience to his child

He will keep us for His business
and will give to us a throne
for He loves us and protects us
We are His and His alone

hope that helps someone today.
blessings in the name of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)
billy kirwan (Rom828)

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This is a wonderful fulfillment of a dream of over 30 years,
to have a memory of my mother and brother and a poem (almost that old), officially dedicated to them.




~Midi Playing~
To God Be The Glory
by Francis Jane Crosby

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