Church Summer Camp

This page is about my teen years and the fun times,
that I had at Church Summer Camp.
It was back in the 50's, when the good times were happening.
This is some more of my good memories.
We had so much fun each summer in August.
Our Churches owned Camp Sugarpine,
which is on the way to Yosemite National Park.
We would meet so many nice and fun friends.
Then we would spend all year writing to them.
When school was about to dismiss,
for the summer, the fun began.
The anticipation of who would be coming,
and who we would go around with,
really could bring on the jitters. lol
Yes we called it going around in those days.
I was so shy and I would never ask a boy,
to go around with me, not me..
But I always had one ask me to go around.
Well I am not good at staying on track,
but that is the fun part of doing these kind of pages.
The kids would come from all over California.
They would ride on the church buses for hours.
That is unless they were real lucky,
they could just have someone drive them.
I lived close enough, that I didn't have to ride the buses.
Camp was from Saturday afternoon to the next Saturday.
When we first got there, we would stand around waiting,
looking for our good friends, to see if we could spot them.
Coming from certain towns driving down that dirt road,
then up the hill, then down the hill, way off of the highway.
Oh...My... Goodness... He... Is... Here... lol
We hugged each other and the giggling all began.
We had one adult in each cabin with 6 girls.
Well in the boys case a man with 6 boys.
Now I do want to make this very clear though.
It was a place to go and have good clean fun.
And to learn about the Lord too.
We did have Chapel and we had Bible study.
We had crafts, and all kind of sports,
and yep even swimming ! Yuk....
You know, the green ole ponds?
The tire hanging from a tree, sit in it, then jump in the water.
The boys would tell us that they had seen snakes,
and that is all it took for me, forget you I thought.
I never would go into that ole swimming pond.
I still to this day wouldn't.
We got into our cabins that we were assigned too.
We had bunk beds and we had to take sleeping bags.
And a lot of blankets to keep warm.
Oh, and let me tell this one thing before I forget.
I was in the same cabin with our Pastor's Daughter.
Her Mom bought her the biggest bottle of Pepto Bismo
and told her to share if anyone got sick.
Well that first night Kitty and I...
climbed up on the top bunk and,
she would take a swig of it, then I would take a swig.
We both loved that stuff so much.
Kitty and I drank that whole bottle the first night.
Well at least we didn't get sick all week.
That was the talk around the whole camp that week.
Well needless to say her Mom was very upset with us.
Our going around with someone was for a whole day.
This was from breakfast until after evening Chapel.
and the camp fire and testimony service each night.
Then we would say our goodnight,
then get another one for the next day.
This way we got to know that person well.
Most of us had someone in mind before hand.
We did have rules to go by though.
And if you did something bad, you better watch out.
There was one Pastor for the principle for the week.
We didn't really have much problems in those days.
Most all were really nice young teenagers.
Now it cost $ 8.00 for the week for us to go.
I think it is close to 300.00 or more now.
That is if they still have summer camp at church.
I wanted my kids to do this so bad.
but that was ole fashion fun to them.
We had to do KP too, and also clean our cabins.
Well kind of clean them, what we could do.
When we were eating if someone caught with their elbows
on the table. OOPS....
We yelled out their name and we sang,
while they were running around inside, the mess hall.
Then they had to run outside all around the big dining room.
And they had to sing, "Going To The Garden And Eat Some Worms".
Well that was sure a lot of fun to us.
My kids have just laughed at me, when I told them about our fun.
Oh well, I just don't mind at all, as it was their loss.
We had a list to add our prayer needs for lost ones to pray for too.
Or anything or anyone that needed prayers.
I added my Brother-in-Law, Tommy on the list.
Now Tommy didn't want to go to Church and
him and my Sister Sue, had 4 little Girls all 1 yr apart and so cute.
We got to invite family on Friday night for evening Chapel.
Now this was the chance that my Parents had been waiting for.
Tommy agreed to come and bring Sue though on Friday Night.
But he did make up his mind to not let anyone talk him into being saved.
That is true... We had a good service.
Bro. Chappell preached that night about going to Heaven.
I was watching Tommy wiggle and look around.
He said he was looking to see if there was a door to get out of,
or maybe one he could make. lol
I began to pray and I know my parents were too.
Bro. Chappell was watching Tommy and many others too.
But he had Tommy on his list big time that night.
The sermon ends, and then came the invitation to come to the alter to pray.
We sang the fist verse, second, then the third verse.
Tommy hung on that seat in front of him.
His knuckles were white.
I prayed for God to not end that service.
Tommy couldn't stand still or let go of that seat in front of him.
Looking for that door.
But, No door.. he could get too fast enough.
Finally I remember Bro. Chappell saying just one more verse,
then you can all go on home.
I thought Oh, Lord send Tommy down to the alter.
I went to talk to Tommy and finally right before,
the last verse was over, down to the alter Tommy came.
Sue was right behind him.
The tears were streaming down Tommy's face, and were all crying.
That night Tommy became a changed man forever.
A Daddy to 4 little sweet Girls, a Loving Wife.
Now this song that you are listening too,
has always reminded me of Tommy.
Tommy is a Ordained Southern Baptist Deacon.
He has taught Sunday School many years.
And he loves the Lord with all of his heart.
He does love to tell everyone about Jesus.
And what Jesus will do for you too.
He said he is so happy that there was no door close by.
He has done so much in the churches that they have belonged too.
Tommy and Sue have been married for 53 years.
They now are retired and live in Oregon.
Tommy and Sue have many Grandchildren and G-Grandchildren now.
Tommy this song is for you....
Thank You Lord for giving Tommy a new life.
I will meet you in Heaven Tommy...
Becoming a Christian changed Tommy forever.
He is not perfect, just forgiven.
"Just An Old Sinner Saved By Grace".

I Love You Tommy & Sue...

Sue And Tommy

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