Blessed Day Of Promise

We shall walk upon that city, where the streets are made of gold
And the Savior says a crown, that we have won,
For He gave His life at Calvary, that we'd have this home on high
And I'll praise, His name, until his face I see

Oh the King is surely coming, and the time is drawing nigh
When the Blessed Day of promise, we shall see
Then the changing, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye
And for-ever, in His Presence, we shall be

Since I found, the Blessed Savior, all my burdens, seem so few
But His Spirit, helps me all, along the way
For the cleansing, of His Precious Blood, He shed on Cal-var-y
Just to save us, from, a sinner, we may be

Now I'll see that Golden City, when my work on earth, is done
And He'll say well done my child, a home you've won
We'll be happy, in that city, where forever, we'll abide
And no sickness, pain, or death will enter there

And for-ever, in His Presence, we shall be

Lyrics by Goldie G. Vance
Music by Joyce Summers


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