A Mother's Wish
By Helen Wallen

I would like to dedicate this poem and song
to my Children and Grandchildren
Love Mom, Grandma

If I should go to Heaven
before that you are saved
Be sure to remember, children,
the prayers for you I've prayed

My heart is now so burdend
and has been for some time
To see you children Christians
and not go on so blind

The cross has been so heavy,
I'm glad I've bore it through
For a light that shines along
the way makes everything aglow

I want to go to Heaven,
For rest and joy there'll be
I' ll be there with my Saviour,
And you I hope to see

The many tears I've shed
for you I believe are not in vain
I hope that they'll be bottled up
and fall on you like rain

I've counseled you along the way
I hope you will take heed
and ask God to take your hand in his
'tis him I know you need

While traveling here on earth
below we meet with many trials
But Christians have a leader,
to be one is worth while

"Take my yoke upon you"
I can hear my Saviour say
He'll guide you over temptations
He's with you all the way

You'll never regret you've chosen Him
And when Jesus is you leader,
If once you're on his side
we'll walk here side by side

The light that shines before you
will guide your feet along
And you can sing His praises,
as you go on and on

Thank You Kentucky Lady for sharing
Your Grandmother's Poem

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