Remembering 911

How can we forget that day of days
when planes flying through the morning skies,
Crashed to hurt, to maim and kill.
causing havok, we couldn't have guessed their will.

Years have gone, but still we are stunned
by the horror and destruction that has been done.
How could this have happened how could it be true
now the world has changed, for me and you.

We remember our family, workers and friends
and the day their lives came to an end.
But we will stand tall, and we won't give in
for this evil act, we can't let them win.

We fought in wars we paid the price,
for freedom to reign, there is always a choice.
Our fathers died so we can be free.
don't forget what they did for you and me.

Our sorrow and horror one day will mend
but we'll fight for our freedom until the end.
In God We Must Trust, everyday
America the free, lets keep it that way.

Written by Tia Marie 2009

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