I would like for all of you to meet my good friend,
Raylene and her husband Ben.
From the beautiful hills of Kentucky.
In late May 2002, I had sent a prayer request,
to the webring that I belonged to.
I got many nice prayers, and notes of encouragement.
Many said that everything would be fine.
God is still on the throne, He would take care of me.
Our group leader added some other prayer needs.
A Special Prayer request that Raylene needed.
Raylene ask for prayers for her lung condition.
I always sent out a prayer to all that ask.
So that day I did send one to Raylene.
At the time I did not know Raylene.
And I am so glad that through this request,
I made another sweet good friend.
Raylene wrote me back fast.
I will never forget her words.
" Oh Praise God "
I will add this too my box of prayers.
And tonight, I will pray over them all.
That sure made a big impression on me.
I did not send her a prayer for her to write me back.
But I am glad that she did, from that day on,
we have been good friends.
And she always sends me and others notes of encouragement.
Raylene told me she began singing at age 5 yrs old.
She has been singing for 50 yrs now, with her family.
You are listening to them sing this song now.
I have always loved Gospel Bluegrass singing.
Talk about talent and a gift of playing instruments.
What a God given talent they all have.
Raylene also got married at age 15 yrs old.
And they have been married over 40 yrs now.
That is a Great Testimony right there.
A beautiful family and many grandchildren too.
When I am making pages, I also check my emails.
If someone needs prayers, I can send one out right then.
I know that if I need anything at all, no matter,
the time of day or night, I can send a email to Raylene.
She will have me a reply back in just a few minutes.
She has a beautiful website with all of their children,
and grandchildren and many good pictures.
This is one that she has on her pages.
I just borrowed this to add on this page.
I knew you wouldn't mind .
I wanted to show you her picture,
so you could see how pretty,
she is and how handsome her Ben is too.
Raylene needs a lung transplant,
and she needs a lot of prayers.
And she doesn't complain at all.
Raylene does tell her story on her site.
And all about her life in her own poetry.
That is so wonderful to me that so many,
can write about their lives through poems.
I wanted to add one of the families songs on my site.
And I thought too, that since she is so good to me,
and so special I would add something about her.
but do not stop here, go and visit her very beautiful site.
She has her Mom on there,
and poems about her Grandparents.
I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to,
many of my favorite good southern gospel songs.
When you go to visit Raylene,
you feel like you have been to church.
and it is so good, I just love it.
No matter how sick, she always sends out her newsletter.
She also makes new pages and what a blessing they are.
I can look at my mail and so many days I have,
several emails from Raylene about best friends.
and sharing so much with all of us.
Raylene I love you so much.
If I want to learn something new, she always says,
you can do it Carolyn, now go to work, lol
with so much kindness and love in her heart.
I give you these Roses, Raylene as a small token of,
my love to you, and all that you have done for me.
In the short year of knowing you.
Our friendship has grown.
We have laughed a lot about some,
of the silly things I have done.
Times when I needed a good laugh.
I will continue to pray for you each day, and never stop.

Update On Raylene..Dec 9, 2004
Please pray for Raylene as she is still waiting for her lung transplant.
But she does have many other health problems that have to be taken care of first.
As sick as she is, she still sends out encouragements to all of her list.

I don't think I have met anyone like Raylene.
She is truly an Inspiration to me, and to many others.
Raylene really needs a Miracle.
Raylene and Ben give all praise to God.
Thank You All

New Update from Raylene...
I only have to use oxygen part time.
My lungs are better.
Praise His Holy Name.

New Update On Raylene...Dec21,2007

Raylene and her Grandson was shopping for Christmas.
They were involved in a bad car accident.
Raylene has gone through some major operations.
I talk to Ben on the phone to get updates.
From the hosptial to a nursing home and back to the hosptial for more surgery .
Sat. April 12th, 2008 Raylene came home for the first time since the accident in Dec.2007

She is still in so much pain, but she is home with her family.
She is not able to be on the computer yet.
But she thanks everyone for their prayers.
And Praises Our Lord

"Raylene and Ben"

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Song used with Raylene's Permission

I Feel Like Running
by '4thelord'

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