I met Mary through the many prayers
that come through in my mail.
She is so sweet and has such a wonderful spirit.
Her husband Jack has been sick for over 10 yrs.
But Mary still takes good care of him,
even though she has illness too.
She says that Jack still has such a good sense of humor.
That is what has helped him go so long.
She always writes to find out how we are all doing.
Sometimes I wonder how anyone
can have the spirit that Mary has.
But really I know, it all comes from God.
Mary sends out so many prayers every day.
Always asking us to pray for the ones
that she doesn't know either.
I did find out that Mary has a fun side of her.
She will send something funny and say He He...
I do love the fun side of Mary.
If I send a note back to Mary that I will be praying.
She always sends back a note with a thank you.
Something really did attract me to Mary and her personality.
Could it be the very caring and love she shows for everyone?
Yes, I know it is the special way that Mary writes.
Never saying anything bad about anyone.
She always shows so much energy,
even though I know she is so tired.
Mary always ask me, when is that new site of yours going to open?
She only knows that it will have some old country songs.
And alot more of my famliy memories and fun.
If not for my friends encouragment,
I may have not gone on to another site.
She always says in her prayers...Let's place them in
God's Capable Hands...
That is what did it for me Mary.
It only takes a short note for me to become a good friend.
She doesn't ask for anything...
Just get some good rest she tells me..
Then she says hurry up and get that new site open...
She tries so hard to keep me in line.
Now that is sometimes a big job for Mary.
But with Mary and having so much to do with Jack and Prayers.
She doesn't leave any time for herself.
Mary is a special friend to so many.
She always ask how my Daughter is.
Never forgetting her.
God will surely Bless You Mary....
Many Prayers for Mary and Jack with more upcoming surgery.
I Love You Alot...

Update On Jack
He went to Heaven May 20, 2005.
When Mary told me about Jack passing.
I will always remember what she told me.
She lost her husband and yet gave me comfort.
Mary is still sending out prayers each day.
Mary always checks to make sure I am ok.
I will forever Love You Mary

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