June Carter Cash

June 23,1929-May 15, 2003

Heavens Choir Angels
came a`visitin this morning
to take a country legend home,
Oh, Sweet June, You`ll be missed so sorely
but your memories will keep us mellow and warm.

Tis true the world will miss your merry spirit
and also laughter's melody,
The "Soft Fluff Stuff" that adored that *man in black*
forever, tagged Johnny, has gone on to eternity.

The folks you left behind all *adore you*
but we all know there comes a time for all
to go to the promised land,
The Father calls each of our numbers
at his bidding, reaches down and softly
takes our reaching hand.

So many wonderful music minstrels have gone
on before you, I`m quite sure
God and they are awaiting your arrival,
for your touch mode of mirth and melodies fun,
With the Fathers soft spoken words:
"Welcome Home Dear Child"
Job Well Done!!!

Author: Sherry Kersey
May 15, 2003

John R. Cash

February 26,1932-September 12, 2003

Less than four months after the passing of
his beloved wife, June Carter Cash
Johnny Cash entered Heavens Gates to Meet,
the Lord, and to be reunited with his June.

Johnny Cash and The Carter Family,
singing with Mother Maybelle was heard daily,
in my home when I was young, and will continue.
And he will never be forgotten!!

I will never forget watching my own Daddy,
cry while listening to Johnny on the radio telling,
the reason he was the ' Man In Black '.

Johnny Cash said his black clothing symbolized the downtrodden people in the world.
He wore black for the poor, lowly, hungry and beaten down.
And Johnny Cash had been ''The Man in Black'' since he joined the Grand Ole Opry at age 25.

Johnny also thanked his Christian Wife June,
for leading him to the Lord.

Our Prayers Are With All Of Their Children And Grandchildren.

June And Johnny Together Again.....


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