Indian Love Story

High in the Beautiful Mountains
Yet untouched by the hands of man
You may see a vision of a rider
As on the very top he stands

So handsome and rugged to look at
Long braids and jet black hair
War paint in the mark of the Cherokee
With pride hes standing there

Then onto the back of his Palomino
With the grace of a panther he dared
The pony ran fierce and he ran fast
While the wind blew the braids in his hair

His heart was heavy and breaking
All is lost that was to be his whole world
He was hoping that someone would meet him
A Young and a beautiful girl

They knew that their love was forbidden
For the Indian to marry the white
But they were leaving that mountain forever
If shed shown up tonight

Just before topping the high rise
At a distance he caught sight
Of his darling trying to reach him
Now everything will be alright

Love knows no boundaries on colors
For God created all men
No one ever seen the fair maiden
Or the Cherokee warrior again

But they say if you look up to the mountain
At setting sun as now
You can see him meet and embrace her
Their lives was completed now

Although this story was written
In Eighteen ninety five
I still believe that I see them
As Im gazing toward the skies

Upon the pony he helped her
And into the distance they ran
The beautiful blond haired maiden
And the handsome Cherokee man

~*Raylene Boggs*~ 2002

Poetry Of The Heart

Thank You Raylene for sharing your poems with me.
Please visit Raylene's very wonderful site.



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