Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.
~Author unknown~

Granny Rhonda

When I first began on the computer in Aug 2001,
I met a sweet lady in So. Carolina.
Her name was something,
that I finally had to change a little.
Well she is one of my very dearest friends on this web.
Oh yeh, ~ her name is Granny Rhonda.
I was just surfing around one Sunday
afternoon and came upon her website.
I saw the name and the song,
Oh My ! did it ever catch my eye and ears.

I stayed and visited for a long time.
Then one day, for some reason,
well I know the reason, it was God .
The song on her web site is " Eastern Gates ".
I yelled at Leon to come and hear my song,
as I call it! So fast and so very beautiful.
I knew from that moment on that I had found a site
that I would be going to on a regular bases.
I did sign her guestbook as I think that,
if we visit that is the kind thing to always do.

I love the way that Granny Rhonda always says
to please be kind and sign someone's guestbook.
Well at that time I had no website of my own.
I was only using the website for our little Grandaughter.
One day Granny Rhonda visited Amber's site
and signed her guestbook. Then she sent
a beautiful award for Heather to add to Amber's site.
From that day on, Granny Rhonda and I became friends.

I had only lost my Mom a few months before this.
So Heather said that she was going to adopt
Granny Rhonda for her Granny,
as she didn't have hers anymore.
So I told Granny Rhonda about Heather's request.
Sure she said, I would love to be Heather's Granny. lol

Then I found that she had a webring and
what a sweet leader that she is too.
She talked to me about becoming
a member of the webring.
But she said I will not push you into it,
only when you feel led to come and be with all of us.
Finally I decided to Join in.
I have never met anyone so giving as Granny Rhonda.
She has become one of my best friends,
and also like a real family member to me.

Now I still din't know what she looked like
I just thought she was a little Granny
that wore her hair back in a bun. lol
This lady does so much for all of the people
in her webring, plus many others too.
One day we were talking and I said you know something,
I have a really funny feeling that
I should not call you Granny Rhonda anymore. lol
Oh ! She said. Yep!!
Come to find out that I am a little
over 13 yrs older than she is. lol
But she still loved me all the same.

She does have many more children and
grandchildren than me, but that is good. lol~
She has many adorable little Grandchildren,
and I have a feeling that when you go
and visit her site you just might get to see them.
So sweet and cute.
But like I say, this is a lady that
loves the "Lord" with all of her heart.
She also loves my kind of music. lol
That is right she loves all Southern Gospel Music,
and loves to talk about all of the good times that we will have,
when we will be waiting "Just Inside the Eastern Gates".

A wonderful earthly friend and a wonderful friend
that I have that has talked to me, and laughed with me,
and cried with me too. Rhonda doesn't think of herself.
She always puts other before her own wants and needs.
If it was not for all of the good encouragement
that Rhonda poored out to me so many times,
I would have stopped and not made a web site.
And that was something that I felt
God wanted me to do so much.

So Rhonda you have always been here for me,
through so many hard times and so many times
that I needed to talk about my losses of my Parents,
Siblings and little Grandaughter too.
I love you and wanted to say that
if we never meet on this earth,
we will meet in " Heaven "
and I do believe that we will know each other.
Your family to me, and always will be.
So remember which ever one of us goes first,
we will be "Just Inside The Eastern Gates".
Love and Hugs ~~Carolyn~~

Heather doesn't call her Granny anymore.
She has changed her name to Aunt Rhonda.
And those two really make a pair!

"Rhonda and hubby James"

If you go and visit Granny Rhonda
I promise you that you will be going back.
I can hardly get passed the home page.
I love to sit and just listen to the song.
click on the banner below to visit Granny Rhonda
and please be kind and sign her guestbook! Thank you!

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