I watch him as he walks away,
With his shoulders squared and standing tall.
I cannot find the right words to say,
For I know he must heed his country's call!
His mother and I taught him all the right stuff,
Love of God and love of his fellow man.
We taught him that if life's road gets rough,
We must accept it as God's plan.
I watch him as he walks away,
A boy who has become a man overnight.
Wasn't it only yesterday I watched him play?
And now he must go and fight.
I watch him as he walks away.
I'm as proud as I can be
How often I have heard folks say,
He's "the spittin" image" of me!
I watch him as he walks away.
He's just topped the little hill.
I hope we'll meet again some day.
I pray it is in God's will.
I watch him as he walks away,
With tears streaming down my face,
Knowing there will be many a lonely day,
Around the old home place.
I watch him as he walks away.
Then I place him in God's hands.
Ah, I know He'll not my trust betray!
You see, He loves and understands!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003


The mighty gun's roar,
On that faraway shore,
Reverberates in hearts across our homeland.
The enemy, of course,
Has underestimated our fighting force.
For" in God we trust" as united we stand!

"America's finest hour",
Isn't through her military power.
Her strength is gained when her people pray!
And when liberty is at stake even on a foreign shore,
She will rise once more,
Proudly to fight another day!

Robert F. Dotson ©2001

Brother Bob's Christian Poetry Potpourri

Dedicated to the men and women of our military

Dear Lord, we earnestly pray,
For those in our armed forces today,
Whether they be in the air, on land , or on sea.
Oh God, please bare Your mighty arm
And keep our men and women from harm.
May they feel very close to Thee!

We pray for those in captivity now.
Oh Lord somehow,
Convince their captors to set them free.
May You give them the grace,
For the problems they will face!
Oh, dear Lord please let it be.

We pray for those who will die.
God reach down from the sky,
And draw their souls to Your breast.
Then, with Your loving hand,
Take them to a better land,
Where no wars can come,
And there’s perfect peace and rest!
Robert F. Dotson 2003

There Is No Better Time To Give Your Heart To Jesus....

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