Often we feel hurt and rejected,
By one we thought a friend.
It's hard not to feel angry and,
Days in silence we spend.

How can friendship go so wrong when,
There's such sweet memory?
Days filled with fun and laughter,
Are not what they ought to be..

If we're not willing to forgive,
Others for what they do.
We lose acceptance and respect ,
Things important to me and you.

We will carry a heavy load and,
It soon will start to show.
We'll feel the weight upon our soul,
And need to let it go!

God promises our reward to be great,
When we love and do good.
Said we should love our enemies,
Be forgiving as He would.

How can we ask God to forgive,
If others we can't forgive?
If we but ask He will help us,
Sweet memories we'll relive!

Author ~ Southbreeze

Used with permission

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