Pray For Our Children

This is the hardest page that I will make.
I am so hurt with all of the children, that are being abused and killed.
So much of the time by someone that should love them.
God sends the little ones to love and to care for to the most fortunate couples.
But then some of you hurt them.
I know because this is what happened to our little Granddaughter in 1996.
She has a wonderful Mommy though.
Then Mommy thought that if she was with her father too,
they could be a family, and it turned out to be so sad.
I am a Memaw to a precious little angel, that is in Heaven now with Jesus.
But it still hurts so much and bad too!!
They were only gone from a safe home for 7 short weeks.
I was so happy when I had my children.
I would never have hurt one of them.
I could say a lot more about abuse.
And what it can lead too.
If you would like to see her site and read her story.
Her Mommy would like to help you.
So she chose to tell her story, in hopes one child can be saved.
Also please help us with praying more
It can be a small baby, a teen, or even an elderly abuse.
Please let us all come together and pray for the children of all ages.
Emotional abuse can hurt bad too.
And if you need help there is a lot of good places to go.
Or call and really try hard to not be scared.

If You Are Abusing Someone, Please Get Help Today!

Just go to a phone and make that call home
or the phone # below and help is on the way

Childhelp's National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4 A CHILD (800-422-4453). TDD: 1-800-2 A CHILD.

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