Sissy Says:
Santa's Watching Daddy

Daddy, will you be home when Santa
and the reindeer come this Christmas ....
Mama will be watching at the window but
will it be because she loves to see the Christmas
joy view or is she worried bout more tears cried.

Please! Please Daddy! don't knock over our
Christmas tree .... me, sissy, and mama made
it specially pretty for you ..we even got a
special present under it `so this year
you wouldnt be so blue....

Mama says its time to go to bed now,
close my eyes and slip into cotton candy dreams,
And be sure to pray for daddy ... as he sees not
how his bottle causes so much misery.

Please God `don't let me wake to screaming
and cussing at mommy with daddy stumbling
and breaking the few things she cherishes
and keeps so neat,
Would you whisper in Santa's ear and tell
him to sprinkle healing dust over daddy `cause
that's all me, sissy, and mama really want for our
Christmas Treat!

Author: Someone `who cares
about the little children. 2011


Background Music Tune:
Quentin`s Theme

Made With Love

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