Michael and Paulin
Sept 20, 1975

Sept 20, 2004

Dearest Paulin,
I just want to say a BIG Thank You for being a good mother,
and a good wife for all these 29 years.
May the Lord bless you and keep you strong,
and healthy for the many years ahead in our lifetime.
May you be blessed with all good health,
and happiness for the many years ahead.
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday.
Love: Michael

I like to dedicate this words to my husband Michael:
Sept 20, 2004

Darling, happy 29th wedding anniversary!!
We, Thank You, O God,
For the Love You have implanted in our hearts.
May It Always Inspires Us to be Kind in our Words.
Considerate of feelings and Concerned
For each other's needs and wishes
Help Us To be Understanding and Forgiving
of human weaknesses and Failings.
Increase Our Faith And Trust In You
And May Your Prudence Guide Our Life And Love.
Bless OUr Marriage, O God, With Peace And Happiness
And Make Our Love Fruitful For Your Glory
And OUr Joy Both Here And In Eternity.

Darling, I walk in the rain by your side
I'll cling to the warm of your tiny hands
I'll do anything to make you understand
That I love you more than anybody else
And the wind will whisper my love to you
Little birds will sing along
And morning bells will chime

Darling, you can count on me
Till the sun dries up the sea
Until then you know that
I'm devoted to you
I'll never leave you,
I'll never doubt
I'll never be untrue,
I'll never give you reasons to cry,
I'll be unhappy if you do.
Through the years my love will grow .
Like a river it will flow,
It can't die because I'm so devoted to you.

Michael, I thank God for you and to keep you safe
and in good health so that we can grow old gracefully
and graciously and be able to serve God,
Praise God And Thank God together.
the secret of a happy marriage is to stay happy
and cling to my God for support and his divine love.

Love Paulin

My dear Carolyn, thank you so much for your love and concern.
it is definitely ok for me .
I give my full permission for your request
in sharing what Michael wrote to me.
My husband is in Brunei .
Its about 2 hours by plane to reach Singapore.
I want to thank my husband Michael
for loving me these 29 years and without fail,
every Sunday he will call me on the telephone.
And all these years without fail he will continue to call me
and wish me happy birthday and happy wedding anniversay,
only sometimes 25/9 is my birthday.
he will wish me happy anniversary on 20/9 ,
it is his love that I appreciate and am touched.
All these years when he is back for Chinese New Year ,
He will definitely bring me shopping for my new clothes
and the clothes that my husband chooses and buys for me,
they are a treasure to me.
Though Michael is so far away and
I don't get to see him except on Chinese New Year,
Christmas and sometimes if by the grace of God ,
he needs to purchase some items from Singapore
then my son Nicholas and myself gets to see him.
I prayed for God's mercy to be upon us,
that when we are old we could together serve and,
thank the Lord in our old age with God's blessing of good health.
Though my health is failing due to degenerated disc,
I am clinging on to the Lord.
I am living by the grace of Almighty God
and I place all my worries and trust unto
my Faithful, Loving, Merciful God of Divine Love.
I draw strength from my GOD!

To Paulin
Thank You For Being A Wonderful Friend & Prayer Partner.
Praying Together Across The World..
Paulin wanted to share her Anniversary with me via email.
I feel very blessed to have Paulin for a friend.
I was so touched by her love shown,
that I ask her if I could share.
Thank You Paulin & Michael.
God Bless You Both..
Love Carolyn

Carolyn Would Like To Wish Paulin And Michael Many More Happy Anniversaries........

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