Sunshine in the meadows,
Glistening golden rays,
We're running through the fields
Laughing as we played.

Sharing hopes and dreams
As only Sisters can,
Come and walk with me,
Come and take my hand.

We're more than just Sisters
For a friendship has been built,
Bit by bit sewn together
Just like Grandma's quilt.

We've had our disagreements
But this one thing I know,
Whenever I need a friend
To you I'll always go.

You always keep my secrets
Tucked safely in your heart,
And now that we've grown older
And many miles apart,

I have these precious memories
On days when I feel blue,
I think back of the things
That the two of us would do.

And suddenly I'm smiling
And picking up the phone,
Hoping with all my heart
That my Sister will be home.

We may share words for an hour
Or only just a few,
But I know I'm always happy
After sharing thoughts with you.

©Marie Williams 2003

Used With Permission.

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Dec 2,1939-Jan 9, 1994
Carolyn's Sister

Dot and I sang together in our trio.
The Three Notes from Fresno, Ca
She was a wonderful and sweet Sister to all of us.
We will sing again together someday in Heaven.

Thank You Shannon Foster

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