This is about our Grandson "Quinton".
What a boy he is too!
Quinton is our first Grandchild
he was born on Feb 8, 1994
It seems like only yesterday
that I was sitting there and holding him
when he was only 24 hrs old.
He was such a good little boy and still is.

We are so proud of him,
Well maybe I am just a little proud
He has always been such a good little boy
A very polite little boy too
He loves to do all of the normal
things that little boys that are his age do.
He lives with his Mom and her family in 'Colo'.
But he loves to come in the summer
and spend a couple of weeks with us.
Oh how, he loves to spend alot of time
with his Aunt Heather as she has alot
of energy and likes to do things with him.
Aunt Heather takes him out to dinner and lets
Quinton have anything on the adult menu
She takes him shopping and buys him alot of things

He usually spends all summer with his Dad
in Oregon and then comes to stay with us
and then returns back to his Dad
for the remaining of the summer.
When he was little we got to live
by him and got to see him alot more.
We miss him so much too.
But we are happy that we can have
the time together in the summer.

His Mom keeps saying that everyone thinks
he looks just like his Grandma,
and that is enough to make any Grandma smile.
And I am sure proud that he
He has Blonde hair and big blue eyes
and a great big sweet smile.
When he came to spend the time with us
in the summer of 2001,I bought him his first Bible
I told Quinton to read one story each nite at bedtime
Quinton tells me "Grandma" I read a story each nite
I am so proud of you Quinton

Now am I proud of "Quinton"? You bet!
He tells me things on the phone
like how he finds snakes, lol
and of course I just say
"Oh No! Quinton" you will get bit.
He would just laugh and say Gee!
"Oh Grandma, it is ok! lol
And besides Grandma, don't worry
it is just a school project! lol

Then last summer he learned how to
jump from a bridge into the lake.
He just watched and followed his Daddy
and did just like him.
Yep, Grandma had a fit too! lol
He loves his dogs.
He was raised from a baby
with "Border Collie's".
He loves horses and dogs
and all of the things
that normal little boys love.

I ask him what he would like on his page.
He said "Well let me see Grandma,lol
you know how I love "Border Collie's"
so I told him that I would
add a picture of his dog that
he had when he was born
and so very little and cute!
I think that he was with "Ski"
until he was about nearly 3 yrs old.

He loves school. He gets very good grades
and the teachers all love him alot.
When he was in pre-school,
he received a star and something
else from his teacher for having
the most vowels in his last name.
Out of 7 letters there are 5 vowels. lol
Now if you can spell that
you sure deserve an award.

Quinton loves to fish too.
His Daddy loved to fish when he
was little and so does "Quinton".
I will be adding a couple of pictures
and then add a few more things about
our handsome young grandson
that is turning 8 yrs old today.
Feb 8, 2002
~~~~Love and Kisses~~~~

This is "Ski" and he was the family dog
when Quinton was born!
He also loved to do tricks,
and also he joined right in
at all of the birthday party's
and even wore a balloon and party hat. lol
He loved to be the attention of the party!

"Quinton" with the cows, in Colo.
Now that I look at this picture,
he does look just like his Grandma,(Me)
Great that is just Great "Quinton" I love it !

"Quinton" in his kindergarden picture.
This picture is so special to this Grandma

Quinton's school picture for his second grade class.
What a handsome boy, and
always has that sweet smile.

Hey Quint!
I did promise you that I would make you
a special page for your Birthday.
And I will make another promise,
I will be making you another page soon too
You are getting to be a big boy now.
So you come back and you will find another page soon
"Happy Birthday Quint"
Grandma and Grandpa loves you a lot!


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