Carolyn's Testimony

The song that you are listening to
I would like to dedicate to my Brother-in-Law
It was one of the songs his group The Desertaire's sang during our singing years.
I Love you a lot Boyd ~~ God Bless you ~~

I am sorry to say that Boyd passed away two days after
this page was published, but he did see it from his new home in Heaven

This is one of my most important pages
of all to me as I get to tell my story,
about what God has done in my life.
I was only a little over 10 yrs old
when I gave my heart to Jesus.
This was '48' yrs ago.
I was raised in a Christian home.
We had very down to earth, but very Godly Parents.
And I went to Sunday School, Morning Worship, Training Union,
Sunday Night, and Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting all of my life.
There was not anything that I had done,
in my life to make me feel that I was a sinner.
But I know that we are all born sinners,
and we all have to ask Jesus into our lives.
The only we can have Eternal Life,
with Him in Heaven .
We were living in Selma, Ca,
and coming to Fresno, Ca to attend Church.
I will always remember our Pastor Bro. Talley.
What a wonderful and very loving man of God
He had been Preaching on Salvation for so long.
And I knew that I did want
to go to Heaven when I died.
But I did know that the time for me to die,
would be many many years from that time.
I am so happy that I did give my life,
to Jesus at that time.
As I look back at all of the good years,
that I have had with Him in my life.
You never know when your time is up.
But it is better not to wait,
as age has nothing to do with dying.
I have been attending church most of my life.
But I have been out some too.
I will say that the best and most,
fun times in my life have been in Church.
I was baptized shortly after I was saved.
As that is usually how we Baptist do.
Only because we try to have several
to be baptized at once.
This way they can get the water warm.
This was my big day, that I do remember so well.
My Brother Arliss and I were brought,
into the water at the same time.
I will never forget the feeling of that day.
I also will not ever forget the day,
I went forward to meet Bro. Talley at the alter.
I felt like a huge burden, had lifted from me.
That is the best feeling that you can have.
Then many years of traveling and singing.
Also teaching little children, about Jesus too.
I have got away from Him, at times in my life.
But I have to say in all honesty.
If you have been truly saved,
and you do get away from God,
You are a real miserable person.
That is good because, that is the
Holy Spirit speaking to you.
I pray that I will never have
that feeling leave me again.
As I get older I feel the need,
for the Lord in my Life,
more than ever before.
Like the song goes ' He Is All I Need,
Jesus Is All I Need '.
He will always be here for us.
When we need Him the most,
He is here all the time and,
He will never leave us nor forsake us.
I do not have the kind of testimony,
that is so different that I can say,
I accepted Jesus in my life, in a unusual time.
Or in a different kind of way.
I know that I am so unworthy
of His awesome love for me.
I have not always stayed,
close to Him every minute.
But even when I did get away,
He was constantly on my mind.
I thank you Lord !
for never leaving me or never letting me go,
so far that I didn't want to come back to you.
I only hope that I can be
a witness to others through this page.
And they will want to give their life to Him also.
A great time that I will always
remember is the day that my husband,
along with two other men at church
were all ordained as Deacons.
That was one of the best days of my life.
I pray that we can still be as God
wanted us to be A Light That Shines For Him !
The many years we spent singing for the Lord.
I will be telling about that on another page.
But I do ask that as you read this you will,
ask the Lord to come into your heart.
And save you too as we all want
to go to Heaven .
And be together with many loved ones.
But most of all to be with our wonderful Lord!
You can ask Jesus into your heart right now,
and right from where you are.
He hears everyone of us.
He knows your needs, and He knows your hurts.
That is all He ask of us.
Is to call on Him, give our life to Him.
I will be praying for each of you.
If anyone out there reads this and you,
needs Prayer for Salvation.
please e-mail me in the e-mail box
right here on this page
I will send you the simple scriptures
that God says in His Word.
' God Bless ' I want to meet you in Heaven !
We all still make mistakes everyday.
I do ask that you will pray for me also.
We are not perfect even as Christians.
Just forgiven!

When I wrote My Testimony
I never thought about receiving any awards
about how I accepted Jesus into my Heart.
This is so awesome to have this kind of awards,
to be given to me.
But this is the kind of God
that I Love so much.
and what He can do in our lives!

Thank you Dot for this most beautiful award
and for believing in me for sharing my Testimony.
It belongs to ~*~ God ~*~

Thank you Donna for such a beautiful award
for sharing my Testimony.
It is truly a most touching experience for me,
It also belongs to ~*~ God ~*~

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