~Meet The Nored Family~

Frank and Atha Got Married on
Feb 14,1931 In Oklahoma

So this is the beginning of The Nored Family.
In April of 1932, they had their first child,
a little girl that they named Loretta.
Then 2 years later they had a son they named Eugene.
Next came a son and they named him Howard.
Then another girl and they named her Sue .
Another son came and his name is Arliss.
Oh my goodness another girl about a year later
and they named her Dorothy!
This was the end of the kids!
Well after all it was 6 kids.
That was a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of clothes to make.
In 1942 they had a chance to move to Wasco, Calif.
This would sure give them a better life for themselves
and their family. Daddy had a cousin there and a promise
of a Job. So they loaded up all of the kids and moved to Calif.
They settled down in Wasco. Mama and Daddy had also moved
my Mama's Parents here too so that they could be close
to them as my Grandma was sick. She passed away shortly before
I was born. Oh I almost forgot that in June of 1943
they had another little girl that they named Carolyn
and that is Me! Well now that was the end of the family,
after all 7 kids is enough! Daddy and Mama worked very hard,
but on Sundays was family day. They got us all dressed up in
our Sunday best and every Sunday we went to Sunday School and
Church. That was the one place that we always went on Sunday.
In 1945 they moved to Dinuba, Calif.
They lived in town for a few years and
then saved enough money to put down on a small farm.
They had a lot of farm animals too. And a lot of grapes.
Daddy also worked in the day time doing construction work.
The boys did have their own chores on the farm.
The girls worked in the house helping Mama.
Then starting in 1950 the 2 older kids got married.
So in about 1952 Daddy and Mama sold that farm and
bought another one in Selma ,Calif.
Boy my 'nickname' is going to pay off in some of these pages.
A lot of funny things happened when we lived on the farms.
Well then at the farm in Selma I can remember a lot of things,
as I was about 9 years old. I usually tried to copy what my siblings did.
And sometimes I got into some trouble.
Well it wasn't too bad. Daddy got his brand new milking machines
while living on this farm, and that was a really big deal.
My two brothers and friends would play some funny things
on each other, and so many things like I said, will
come out in other pages.
Jan 1954, Daddy got hurt on his construction job and was in the hospital
for 6 months.
Daddy came home from the hospital on Father's Day 1954.
But he was off of work for 1 whole year.
Daddy and Mama sold the farm and had just bought a brand new home
in town in Fresno, Calif. I can sure remember how worried
Mama was though. The new home payment was $100.00 a month.
And that was a lot of money.
So Mama worked and the other two kids worked too and went to school.
I was only in the 6th grade.
But when the year was over, Daddy went back to work as a carpenter again.
It was not easy for him, because when he got hurt,
he was burned inside all around his heart.
But Mama nor anyone could ever keep Daddy from work for long.
Then in 1956 we began
traveling and singing in our Southern Gospel Groups.
That is so much a part of my life still to this day.
By 1959 I was the only kid at home. What a Life.:)
Then in 1961 I graduated from High School.
In 1962 Mama and I went to Beauty School together
and graduated together. We bought 2 shops and were partners for 7years.
Until Nov,1969 when we sold our beauty shops so I could be a stay at home Mom.
I do hope that you have enjoyed reading
about the very beginning of my family and seeing these pictures.
I also hope that all of my siblings that are left,
will enjoy them also as this web site is done by me
with much Love and hard work for them as well.
I would like to keep the memories of our family alive.
As I have often done, I would look back and think about
all of the hard work that my Mama and Daddy did and
wonder how they could ever do all that they did.
But as Daddy always said, the good Lord gave them this family
and it was up to them to provide for them.
He said especially him, as he was the leader, the Daddy.
And what a Daddy he was too. And a wonderful Mama.
I do know that all of us kids
would agree that we have a lot to be thankful for.
God gave us such wonderful and very Loving Parents.
~~We always had all we ever needed...~~
Something's I didn't understand until they were both gone!
~~~Hugs to All~~~

Back Row is Howard, Loretta, and Eugene!
Front Row is Arliss, Sue and Dorothy!
Sitting on the blanket is Carolyn!

This is the last time that we were all together at one time.
So we had our picture taken with Daddy and Mama
and this was taken in about 1989!
Well Mama and Daddy are in Heaven now!
"Daddy Jan 9, 1998~~~Mama Feb 3, 2001"
Dorothy Jan 9,1994~~~Arliss March 13,1994
We Love & Miss You All

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