Fifty Years

January 10,1954

At age 10 years old I gave my heart to Jesus.
I was brought up in church all of my life.
You would not think that a young 10 year old,
would have such a heavy feeling lifted from her.
But I did and I will never forget the day,
I went to the alter and bowed on my knees,
and ask Jesus to come into my heart.
I truly felt like I could fly.
I remember that day like it was today.
I have tried to live my life for Him.
No, I am not perfect..But I am forgiven.
Being a former Southern Gospel Singer,
the hard part was chosing a song.
This song says it all for me.
I do remember when my burdens rolled away.
I have been through good and bad times.
I know what it is to hurt and have trials.
But God does know how to bring us back.
He knows how to get our attention.
I know that to be true,
He has got my full attention many times.
And that is what I want him to do.
I have many good friends.
But Jesus is the true friend I depend on totally.
I like something that was said in a movie.
I am Faithful, Honest and True.
That is how I feel Jesus is as my friend.
I also believe that is what He wants to be.
Yes, it has been 50 years now.
And I will give Jesus the rest of my life.
I hope that you will give your heart and life to Jesus.
I want to meet you all in Heaven when it is our time.
God Bless
Love Carolyn

Thank You So Much Trisha
January 10, 2004


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