Daddy And Mama's Fishing Funnies


Well the first thing that I will tell you about using the song that your
listening to at this time. Awh, Wait A Bit....
Well you will understand the reason
a little later on in the story.
Daddy just loved to fish and so did Mama.
That was a big thing that the two just loved.
Was going fishing, and then fry those good fish,
in some yellow corn meal and fried potatoes.
And maybe even fry up some southern okra.
Oops~ Almost forgot the peach cobbler,
that Mama would make too ! Yummy...

You know something each page that I make,
and talk about Mama and all of that good home cooking.
I almost get up from my computer
and go and cook something like that.
But then I just somehow forget how she cooked all of the good food.
Now, our Mama was a good cook and we never went hungry.
Daddy took Mama on a trip many times to Northern California
and did a lot of fishing. And then sometimes he would go
and climb those rocky downhill mountains.
And of course he would lead the way.
He was very much a good gentlemen,
and never wanted Mama hurt.


Well this one day in particular,
they were going over logs and down step hills.
And then, Oh My Goodness, guess what Mama saw?
Of course by this time Daddy already
had his line in the water.
He just couldn't wait to get his line wet.
Oh Yes, Mama was going over that great
"Big" tree that had fallen. She said it was a huge log.
And all of a sudden a water snake wiggled right by her foot.
And Mama tried to run, and she started yelling for Daddy
To Save Her, like he was going to let go of that fishing line.
And maybe lose a big fish, lol and come and save her.
No way, he just giggled and said 'AWH'
that little thing won't hurt you.

About that time Mama landed right on top of the tree log,
and on a knot hole that was sticking up and boy that was a big
time in her life. We all had a lot of fun with that story.
But not half as much fun as Daddy because some man was up
on the road looking down and laughing, of course he knew that
the way Mama looked, she was just fine.
Mama was scared to death of a snake, she was raised in Oklahoma,
you know where those big ones are.
We have all heard so many snake stories from her
that I was 56yrs old before I would even go to Okla.
And then I wouldn't walk in the dark outside.
Then I don't think we even saw a snake~..
but I sure was scared to even go for a visit.


Well getting back to my story about Daddy taking Mama on this trip.
I chose this song as it sounds a little like water swishing,
And it is so "Amazing" that Mama would even ride,
in the same car with Daddy coming home from that trip.
Another little story about Daddy taking Mama on a fishing trip.
I have no idea where they came up with the idea to take a jar,
of live "WASP" with them to use for fishing bait.
But they did... The only thing this time
is that Mama was in the front going down that steep Mountain.
Daddy was being the good and caring husband
that he always was, so he carried the jar of wasp.

Well all of a sudden Mama lost her balance and
took off rolling down towards the water.
Daddy said "Oh Gee" better go and stop her.
But instead he lost his balance and dropped that jar of wasp,
and all of them started flying all over, and well the end
of that trip down the hill, landed both of them right in the edge
of the water. This has been much fun to laugh and talk
about the times, as I do know if they were still here they
would laugh too. You would think that the fishing trips
would have all stopped. Not Daddy and Mama no way!
The next trip they always had a story to tell.


Mama would be telling the big story and so serious
and laughing at the same time, but Daddy would be
just laughing so hard. They did love to fish so much!
I can remember going too, and Daddy sometimes would take me
and he might, and I mean might, help me take fish off of my line.
But nope I would shake that pole until
the poor little bitty tad pole...
next to the size that they caught,
would either come off of my line or give up
and just lay my pole down.

Another thing that Mama liked
to fish with was sardines.
And she always took a couple cans
of those awful things and some crackers
and if she couldn't catch a fish with them,
well she just sat down in her chair
that she would take along and
have herself a good ole feast!
I couldn't stand those things
and that smell was so awful.


But when we took our little boy Scotty with us,
Mama taught Scotty all about sardines.
He would eat them too and still does.
And they would just laugh at me because they look awful!
If Mama couldn't get a fish, she would sit right down
and eat her lunch, lol sardines and crackers.
In fact I really don't think she took them for bait!
Hi Scott remember those days? He loved them a lot too
and had lunch with his Grandma!
But not Grandpa he kept his line in the water!
Grandpa came to fish, not eat!!

I am not really sure who caught these fish
but probably each caught one!
Daddy was just being that good husband
and holding them as they were very big and heavy!

Well look who has the biggest smile in this picture.
But that never did bother my Daddy,
he just always went back the next day!
And on one of these trips Leon ended up
in the hospital with pneumonia!

Daddy and just a couple of those big ones
from another fishing trip.
He caught these from the "Rivers".
He wasn't much on Ocean fishing,
but did go on occasion!
But Leon always got sea sick
and he was in the Navy too! LOL

Trinity River Fishing Trip
Leon and Daddy
Oh! Daddy's looks a little bit bigger,
but at least they didn't get away!
Maybe this was when Leon got sick,
he sure looks it and so does Daddy!
Of course it really wasn't funny,
as we were about ready to leave
to come back home,
and go back to work!


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