Colin Scott

We waited for nine months
for you to come to us
At times we really wondered
If it was worth the fuss

But when you came into our lives
We knew beyond a doubt
That Father up in Heaven
Gave us room to shout!!!!

Yes he blessed us with a baby boy
Who was big as he could be
And made us sing Oh Praise the Lord
To everyone we see.

Colin Scott, youíve given us
Blessing thatís so huge
And we know that you are gong to be
A bigger blessing too

Youíve blessed your mom and papa
And made them o so Proud
Your Grandpa Leon and Grandma Carolyn
Are singing Praises Loud

For when you came into OUR lives
For giving us this blessed son
And promises from THE Word.

This poem is dedicated to MY Nephew Colin Scott,
who has given his Mom and Dad so much joy.
† He is also a joy to his Grandpa Leon and Grandma Carolyn
From your Adoptatered Uncle billy kirwan (Rom828) 3/12/06

Thank You So much Billy
for writing this special poem for our baby boy
Heather & Daren

A Perfect Angel Boy

Look at me; what do you see?
A perfect angel, that's what I be!!
Hair so dark around my face,
Parents to hold me†in love's†embrace.

Mom is so proud of her little boy,
Daddy is filled with all kinds of joy.
Grandma and Grandpa just adore,
They are my grands forever more.

Well I am now going to sleep,
Shhhh, don't make a peep,
I need the rest for I'm a little child,
I'll entertain you in a short while.

Now you get busy while I rest,
I'll soon put you to the test,
You will be busy as a bee,
When I wake up you'll see.

Gayle Davis©
March 3, 2006

Please visit her wonderful site.

An Hour With You

Thank You So Much Gayle,
for writing this special poem for our little boy
Heather & Daren

The Roses have drafted a new player

Spent last 9 months practicing his kicking

Proud Coaches
Mommy Heather & Daddy Daren



Email Mommy & Daddy

Email Mommy & Daddy

Thank You So Much Tina
for the special gift for Colin
Heather & Daren


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