Donít, donít, thatís what you say
Each time that I hold you this way
When I feel like this and I want to kiss you
Baby, donít say donít

Donít, donít, donít leave my embrace
For here in my arms is your place
When the night grows cold and I want to hold you
Baby, donít say donít

If you think that this is just a game
Iím playing
If you think that I donít mean
Evíry word Iím saying
Donít, donít
Donít feel that way
Iím your love and yours I will stay

This you can believe
I will never leave you
Heaven knows I wonít
Baby, donít say donít

Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

Recorded by Elvis Presley September 6, 1957 ©

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