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Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea) |
Carolyn, The site is lovely and I loved the visit so much! I have been a bit under the weather, so not on a great deal, but will very soon be back full blast I hope. Always love visiting my dear friends! God bless you always, and all that have helped to make this such a warm and loving site! Was so honored to see you had one of my poems also.
21 July 2009 - Kentucky
Your website is wonderful!
18 July 2009 - Washington
mollyann |
You are my sunshine is just beautiful
10 July 2009 - sparta,tenn
Sara |
Your Web Site is so Inspiring! Thank You and Keep up the good work. God Bless You!
5 July 2009 - Brunswick, Ga.
Enjoy your site very much; vry good music. Keep up the good work.
30 June 2009 - Newark, Delaware
J.R. Williamson
Thanks for a beautiful sight
29 June 2009 - U.S.A.
Herma Watson
You have a beautiful website and I will
visit it often
29 June 2009 - United States
dorothy embry |
beautiful site love ie.
29 June 2009 - owensboro ky
Evelyn |
As a great-great grandmother, I love to share Junebug with the children.
7 June 2009 - Louisiana
Kandice McCarty
A friend this to me via email It was so uplifting to get at a time when I was feeling down and out. I sent it to a few friend I know will enjoy this Thank You so much for a beautiful web page
1 May 2009 - indiana
susan parker(vanderloop0
this is so amazing i have watched art linkletter when i was a child and loved bill crosby in my younger years( born in 1962)and grew up with elvis's songs i just want to say thank you carol for all the memories
14 April 2009 - michigan
this is a beatifull place to think, listen ,read, great work, please pray for my family..thanks
7 April 2009 - knoxville,tn
Carolyn, I love all of your pages. God Bless you.
4 April 2009 - Denton N.C.
Dianne Roberts
What a wonderful site...Will be back often do you have monthly letter or something of the sort....
24 March 2009 - Windsor On Canada
Gladys Coleman
I love this. I grew up in the fifties. great memories, thanks
15 March 2009 - Ohio

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