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Julie {Junebug] Holloway
Lovely site
11 February 2011
Thanks so much for your sites :-) I so love the oldies :-) God Bless you :-)
7 February 2011
hector creamer
this is the finest of the internet...thanks a million
7 February 2011 - Turner Maine
Patsy Johnson
This is really a beautiful website. Brings back memories and lots of joy!
29 January 2011 - Illinois
Tara Lively Williams
Just love this site!
God Bless!!
27 January 2011 - Kimberly,wv
I did a double-take when I saw the name of this site. I am also Junebug and I love Elvis. You have done a wonderful job.
25 January 2011 - Florida (originally N.C.)
Chris Lively
I really enjoy this site. The music that I really adore is songs of Praise
to my Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ"
May God Bless!! 01/21/11
Chris Lively
22 January 2011 - Kimberly,wv
Jeanie Waller
This is awesome love all the songs on here
22 January 2011 - USA Virginia
john kelly
i love this and grew up with all the songs
16 January 2011
Becky Arnold
I want to send this to my grandson who is 3 now.
11 January 2011 - Hudson, Fla.
Christopher Goh
Hi Carolyn,

My first time visiting this page of yours, but boy, am I glad I did! My sister-in-law just became grandmother to a bouncing baby boy who is just one year old but alas too little to enjoy this page. Anyway, I'll show him this soon as he is able to appreciate it.

Thanks and may God bless you!!
28 December 2010 - Singapore
Jean Stofanik
Merry Christmas and thanks for posting all the sites they are amazing. God bless.
14 December 2010 - North Carolina
Jaci Lauren williams
May you have a Blessed Christmas!

May you have a Blessed Christmas!
God Bless!
11 December 2010 - Kimberly ,Wv
Jaci Lauren williams
Just love your music! I really enjoy
God Bless! Jaci

have no webb page! Just 3/`2 years old.
11 December 2010 - Kimberly,wv
Larry Hall
i was 12 yrs old when we first heard the name Elvis.I am perhaps one of the very first impersonators. I grew up living in Elviss shadow
4 December 2010 - Corpus Christi, Tx

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