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Oh what a precious Site Carolyn, just happiness all over this darling place! I surely enjoyed myself so very much too :o) Thank you for adding our Poems, I am tickled pink! Precious graphics and music, Oh my goodness, sweet!
All are a joy to read!!!
Love you, Sondra
18 August 2004 - Indiana
Gayle |
Carolyn, Now I know why jimmy has back problems. And I was feeling sorry for him. You go little Lexebug and your little sis too. Give grandpa trouble he loves it. Such sweet pages Carolyn I just had to come back and go through again.
17 August 2004 - Al. USA
Gayle |
Wonderful pages Carolyn. Great poems by Liz, Sondra, Donna and Marie. Just precious. Oh I did enjoy my visit. I have bookmarked so my grandkids can enjoy when they come to visit. You did so good.
17 August 2004 - Al. USA
Beautifully done, every new page and I just went through all of them. Wow, you sure have been busy there girlfriend and each one is just as cute as the next. Loved all the poems and backgrounds, just great. My favorite was the Giddy Up one with Jimmy and Lexebug on it, so cute! He sure has someone to be proud of and so does she. What a wonderful site for any child to come to and lose themselves in all your pages. My goodness it would keep them busy for hours. Great job and God bless always my friend. Love Judy
17 August 2004
Tiff |
I lov the site!
7 August 2004 - CA
Gail Beason
great pictures and messages.. this is my first time to see this... i love it.. will send to my friends.. thanks
7 July 2004 - Ovilla, Texas
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Precious Carolyn..
I felt like reading the beautiful childrens site with stories and poems tonight, I love love love it here, just wonderfully done, "Pat" yourself on the back, it's a wonderful site and I wanted to just stop in and say howdy and have a blessed weekend and hope all is well....
26 June 2004 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Trisha |
I'm just thinking about Babies and children as my 2 are down and out for the night and so I thought I would visit and say hello before leaving ya.
Bye for now,Trisha
8 June 2004 - Waynesboro VA. U.S.A.
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
Your page "Firefly Frolics" is a cute one ! When I was little me and my sisters and brother would do the same thing.Oh the good ol days ...and now I have children who love to do the same also ! The things we do for fun ! Keep up the good work and talk to ya later.Have a good day !
25 May 2004 - VA.
John @ Heavens Gates |
Love your new page ~Firefly Frolics~ Carolyn. Really brings back memories of some 50 years ago, running and catching fireflies to put in a mason jar and set by our beds at night until we went to sleep, then Mom would yet them back out into the yard.
Wonderful Page!
God Bless,
23 May 2004 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Binkie |
Hi my Mamaw(grandmother) is signing and typing this for me. Please come visit my site. Mamaw likes your site a lot and when I am up to her house tomorrow or next I will come see it too.I want to see more kids sites.
12 May 2004 - MN. USA
Lady Betty |
I love your site!! A great Christian site. I was SO HAPPY to find the kids pages. I am building a site for my little granddaughter. I have been searching for other kids sites to add a link to her pages. I did find two others. Now this one !! I am so happy. I will get to her links soon and if you don't mind I would LOVe to add your kids site link to hers. I had so much fun myself tonight doing the Christmas tree!! I would love you to come visit my site as well as hers. I will sign for her after I am finished here. Please do go see her site too.
12 May 2004 - MN. USA
Trisha F.Campbell |
Good Sunday morning to you Carolyn ...I've been thinking about you and just wanted to say hello !
Love and Hugs,Trisha
18 April 2004 - Waynesboro VA.
jimmy aka jcshrimp1
just stopped by to say hi and let you know how much i enjoyed my visit again to the kids site. I saw a little junebug crawling across the screen and she told me i needed to come by and say hello. So here i am and i have sure had a good time. Thanks for being my friend and shareing your hard work for us all to enjoy. Such a wonderful place to spend time dear sis.
love you much
your brudder jc
2 April 2004 - Panama City, Fl.
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
So glad you got your pages out in time for Easter as I know you were worried about that.I enjoyed "Chocolate Rabbit" and "Jelly Bean Prayer" as they are both so cute.And the rice krispie recipe sounds neat too as I would have fun doing this one for the girls.And I would have to put it on the top of the fridge as they would be in it all day if it was in arms reach ! job Carolyn and I hope you don't have any more problems with your computer ..that has got to be most frustrating.Take care.
2 April 2004 - Clear across the Country ! ((( Big Hug To Ya )))

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