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Deb |
What an adorable site!!! I'll have to include this on one of my mailings .. its so cute!!
7 April 2005 - Ohio
Everything is just wonderful here, there is so much to see here also , you have done a wonderful job here also, a person could get lost here for hours and enjoy every moment of it, it is so precious, the lord is blessing you with all the work that you have put into this site , I will be back when I can spend a little more time. It's great to be young a heart again . Thank you.Bless you Carolyn, you are so special. Love, Katherine
17 March 2005 - USA
Linda Goodship
I wanted to show my children that there was a song called On the Goodship Lollipop!
15 February 2005 - England
25 December 2004 - FRESNO, CA, USA
Lara Stinecipher
Thank you so much for the wonderful page about my boys!! It really touches all our hearts that you did that for us! You really made my CHRISTmas special! Thank YOU!!
25 December 2004
What a lovely way of sharing your wonderful messages.
13 December 2004
~angela~ |
hi i was brought in on your "goodship lollipop" page. what a beautiful site you have. we will come back to visit often. i have shirley temple songs on my daughter site. keep up your good work!
13 November 2004 - ~texas~
Jean LeClert
Hi Carol what little kid would not like this site the graphs are adorable and I hope someday your little new Grandson will be able to go to this sight just for the fun of it. Remember the site Quint went to because he loved the little song that little girl sang. I could listen to it a long time just like Quint(I do hope I am spelling his name right) I know the new baby is as
CUTE as Quint he is so handsome. Your site is just wonderful talk laterlove to all Jean LeClert
12 November 2004 - Madera CA
Shirley Barr |
Hello Carolyn and blessed Sabbath day to you. I recieved your letter about Uncle Jimmy and Webster, had a ball with them today and decided to come pay a visit to Junebug and Friends. Totally precious, I really enjoyed it so much. You have done a splendid job with the graphics and music on this site. I can't wait to introduce it to my grandson who is seven and learning to read. He already knows a lot of the songs........what a neat site....sorry to say this is my first visit to Junebugs and Friends. will have to come again.
17 October 2004 - North Carolina
Lori |
This site is great. I shall pass it along to others. Really cute. Please stop by our site. It would be an honor if you could join us.
Earth Angels
7 October 2004 - Fl
John |
Hi Carolyn, all your new pages are simply terrific and the cutest and prettiest graphics. Such a fun place to visit and relax and be a kid again.
God Bless,
22 August 2004 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
HI your site is very pretty love it as much as i have seen. thank you for all of your hard work on this site. your friend sylvia
21 August 2004 - Levittown PA. USA
Mikki!! |
Hi Junebug!!
I have been enjoying your cute site for children! And Adults too!!!!!!
I did enjoy decorating your Christmas Tree!!!!
21 August 2004 - Baltimore, Ohio
Melva |
I see what you mean about this site!!! It is such so delightful.. I have some cousins that I am going to send this site to..They will love it...It's so sweet...You have really put a lot into this and I pray God will bless your work for our children!!!
Love Ya .....

20 August 2004
Jimmy aka jcshrimp1 |
Dear Junebug
It makes me so proud to be listed as your friend and to see my Lexe Bug on your site. You're a wonderful friend and webmistress and do such a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all the love that you place in your pages and things for our kids. My Lexe Bug and Haley Baley both love the Giddy Up Go page so very much and all the other pages are just great.
Thank you so very, very much for your hard work.
In His love Jimmy
18 August 2004 - Panama City, Fla.

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