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Trisha |
"Apple Of My Eye"... that one is so cute ! I just love it ! Keep up the good work here Carolyn !!! Everthing is adorable !!!!!!
Sincerely, Trisha
19 June 2006 - Bristol TN.
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
Just stopping by for a visit as I said I would... as it's been awhile since I've been over this way... off to visit some more pages now but wanted to sign in so you would know that I had been here... O~kay !

Hugs, Trisha
19 June 2006 - Bristol TN.
Thanks for the site of yours
24 April 2006 - USA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Carolyn,
You gave me a good giggle today dear friend...I got hung up in your guestbook signing about your precious lil bundle of joy and you staring at his hair. I can see you now..LOL
Listen, when my twin daughters were little Amber took the indian from my hubby with this beautiful dark black hair shining and so pretty ,and poor lil Ali took the Irish from my side and had patches here and there of reddish blonde and I mean patches that stuck straight up, and everybody said "she looks like Rod Stewart"LOL it would hurt my heart so ,because then they would look at Amber and say"what a beautiful baby"
and now Ali has this beautiful long thick hair, but I use to sit and stare at her head and even put baby oil on it to try and lay it down, stuck straight up to the heavens...giggling
You tickled me ,and I came to sign here as I came and took the graphics for Nicholas page:)
Have a blessed evening and hug that precious bundle of love for me ,they grow WAY TO FAST!!
23 April 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Good luck with your site :)
25 March 2006 - United Kingdom
You know what?
I had forgotten I made that set..Man Carolyn I would like to have that for Nicholas page..LOL wish I would have kept my sets:(
I came here to visit as I was missing my Nicholas and went to"Thats What Little Boys Are Made Of" and BAM saw that old set I loved so...
God Bless you, I never knew you used it Carolyn, I miss my grandbaby so bad so came here today instead of main site..I wanted to thank you for visiting me with your lovely words in my guestbook, You're a sweetie Pi yes indeed, God Bless you my friend and I signed for updates today..have alittle more time now to visit:)
22 March 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
I love your web site and would love to share it with my family and frineds
25 February 2006 - USA
Whitney,Jessica,Jared,&Jared Cox
24 February 2006 - Craigsville,Virginia
Lara S.
Hi Carolyn,
Just stopped by...wanted to show Trevor "his" page. It makes him smile everytime! Thank you so much!
5 January 2006 - Clovis CA
John |
Hi JuneBug, always a treat to receive your newsletter and visit all the cute pages.
To Grandmas House sure brings back some wonderful memories.
Merry Christmas from one of your oldest kids lol (63),

Merry Christmas from John at Heavens Gates
17 December 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Just thought I would pop in again - love your site - you've done a WONDERFUL job - will be back often. I have put you in my links - hope you don't mind.
16 December 2005 - US
Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.
16 December 2005 - US
aaron |
Would like to thank you for very much for this interesting site!
15 December 2005 - US
Tom Lee
This is a very cute page about Matilda -I love it -Tom
5 December 2005 - Rockport,Texas
i love your work. keep it up!!
8 November 2005 - US

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