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Rob Weber
Great web site. There are a lot of old memories here.
24 January 2012 - Pensacola, Fl
what a wonderful site for the young and old. thank you for your love for all.
16 January 2012
Penny Jooste
Thank you lovely lady. As a child my grandmother would sing 'Goodship... we loved it, & i then 'nicnamed my baby brother 'Lollypop" (Lawrence)
Love your site. Your Blessed & are so a BLESSING.
21 November 2011 - South Africa
Dave Coles
I am amazed at your very well designed web site. I love the 50's music also as I was there through it all. I am 89.
6 November 2011 - Beloit, Wisconsin

Webmaster comments   Thank you and God Bless you always. Never stop enjoying life!
LaBrenda Dean Hollis-Sandlin
My nickname is Bennie and has been since I can remmeber, The site was snt to me by e-mail and I love it! May God Bless you and Your's!
29 October 2011 - Cullman, Alabama 35055
James [BUG,S] Beck
THIS nick name was giving to me when i was a baby. I love all the song of the 50,s thank you for it all.
15 October 2011 - Lexington NC.
Sue Young
Oh how I love these sites you have set up. I adore Elvis he will always be missed by those who loved him.
23 September 2011 - Georgia, USA
love your site.
1 September 2011
Phyllis Hartwig
I especially like the Elvis songs! Thank you for letting me enjoy these as often as I want!
14 August 2011 - Watertown, SD
Walt McGreevy
I graduated in 59 from Sandusky, OH and sure enjoy your site. It brings back such fond memories. Thanks Carolyn
27 May 2011 - Lakeland, FL
Geri Sistrunk
I will be 80 years old this year. How well I remember the carousel that was at the beach in New Orlens when my 3 sons were children
12 May 2011 - Now Ponchatoula, La
John Maxwell
I love your work I am 76 years old and I live a lone in Idaho I love the sound
9 May 2011 - Meridian Id
Charles Grasse
This Is Wonderful and I plan on visiting often.It brings such JOY and brightens your Day..Thanh You
27 April 2011 - Cortez Colorado
Fantastic site ! Keep it going! Thank-you !
12 April 2011 - Sidney ,BC,Canada
Paula A DeFusco
That was really cute. Love the laugh.
8 April 2011

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