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Nelta Jean LeClert
Carol your sites are so well though out. I keep telling you that you are smart. Yes It's me. lol
16 August 2007 - Good old USA
Toby Nolt |
Just veiwed a couple of your pages. They are great I just can't seem to get enough of all the wonderful sites I have recieved from friends. Thank you so much
6 August 2007 - Windom Minnesota
Love that I can let Trev roam around here and not worry about what he is gonna see. Thank you for making a child safe site! :)
28 July 2007 - Clovis, CA
Diane E. Collins
I love your poem! It takes me back to my childhood. Thank you for making it available.
4 June 2007
Sharon/AngelHeart |
May all at JuneBug and Friends have a wonderful love filled Valentine's Day from my home to yours I send you love!

6 February 2007 - va beach va
2 February 2007 - ind
Sharon |
Sweet Carolyn
What an colorful array of wonderful poets and pages in here Carolyn.
This is a happy place that brings so many smiles, I love it here at Junebug's:)
A pleasure to stop in and leave weekend wishes to all!
It's a small world after all is making me tap my feet!
God Bless the children, and God Bless you!
27 January 2007 - Close in heart
tia marie |
Carolyn, your pages are beautiful here. Thank you for sharing my poem and you did a beautiful job again as always...I pray you and your family all have a wonderful and blessed New Year 2007, and also that all your eye trouble will be healed quickly...Thank you so much for everything..with love, HuGsss and Gods blessing , have a great year!!
2 January 2007 - Australia
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Hello Carolyn,
I loved your beautiful Christmas pages, and know I signed last night, but it isn't there now.. ?? Each were lovely and I want to thank you for sharing one of my poems. That is a blessing for me, and I do hope all will read all your lovely Christmas pages..
To you and yours; Best wishes for a joyous and very Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior..
God bless!!
16 December 2006 - KY, USA
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Thank you so much for sharing my poem, and I do hope all will enjoy it.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very MERRY CHRISTMAS..
God bless!!
16 December 2006 - KY, USA
You've been good!
I'll be seeing you soon!

10 December 2006
Have a very BLESSED DAY& A very HAPPY
20 November 2006 - Tacoma,Washington
I am blessed to get such a wonderful site. Thanks!
7 October 2006 - USA
Christina |
What an adorable site for children! When my daughter is older she will love to visit here!

Hugs, Christina

I also wanted to share my Gift Can Builder site with you. Here you can find adorable gift cans for every occasion with so many uses! Perfect for the upcoming holidays, birthday, or just because!

28 August 2006 - Va, USA
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Sweet Junebug:)
I came today because I felt like being in Babe land with the children, I miss my Nicholas so much, and I love Blowing Bubbles, I think of Nicholas saying NaNa where is my bubbles?, He loves them so, you know the jumbo wands that make huge colored ones?
Oh how I miss him so bad to do that again, maybe soon, maybe in September, I love it here , always enjoy visiting sweet Carolyn..Happy Sunday and God Bless ya!
6 August 2006 - I'm in babe land today with the children

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