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Pop |
I LOVE this site and I want to say Thank You for putting it together for all of us. Thank You Miss Junebug .
13 February 2016 -
Jerry |
After all these Years Wonderful. Year after year of continuous memories. Keep up the good work........
23 January 2016 - Chataignier, Louisiana
Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
5 December 2014 - Chataignier, Louisiana
Constance Hower
I absolutely love your site! Not only is it beautiful, but it is also delightful.
I shall return to your site many times!!
4 December 2013 - United States
Dale Davidhizar
Got out of high school in 1956 Washington High Portland, Oregon, this was the music and still is, god bless you for keeping the music alive.
3 December 2013 - Now In Refugio, Texas
Annette Beard |
I love the music and would like to share this music with my church. it is so uplifting. Please let me know if I can get a CD?
5 July 2013 - Watford City

Webmaster comments   Thank You for your nice comments. I don't have a CD. Just sharing good music from my singing past and with my mail list. God Bless
Chris & Katie
This is great. I love everything. You spent alot of time and love on this and we all thank you
10 March 2013
Eva Fernandes
Be blessed this site is so impressive
15 January 2013 - Tanzania
andré denis beaudry
merci beaucoup pour ce travail fabuleu genial jadore 4 ever ELVIS tks god bless you

thank you very much for this work fabuleu Genial jadore 4 ever ELVIS tks god bless you
8 January 2013 - montréal québec canada
Marlene Kamfer
The site was sent to me by e-mail and I love it! I love the 50's music also as I was there through it all. May God Bless you and Your's!
4 January 2013 - South Africa
nancy hlavek
i love this site. so glad i found it
22 October 2012 - perryville, mo. 63775
Sharon Hollowell
Love the things and music you do.
17 October 2012 - Owasso, Oklahoma, USA
Farmgirl Debbie |
Such a beautiful site! Will be back!
26 April 2012 - Chattaroy, WA
mrs brenda brown
i really enjoy all these lovely memories
31 March 2012 - adelaide Australia
Judith P
You may know my sister, she was at Roosevelt when you were, her best friend Carol Seib had to go to McClane when it opened and graduated with you. I graduated from Roosevelt in 64, my sister is Punkie, small world. The Bigger than any mountain was sent to my husband by a chat friend
24 February 2012 - Fresno, Ca

Webmaster comments   Hi,
I will look in my year books and see if I remember your sister.It has been over fifty years.:-)It is a small world. Thank You for sharing this with me.

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