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Carolyn ( Memaw ) | |
Happy 16th Birthday Amber. You are always on my mind and always in my heart. I'll never forget 16 years ago today.
I love you Amber Linn
Big Birthday Hugs
20 February 2010 - Ca
Trisha | |
Thinking of you Heather...
19 February 2010 - Fayetteville NC
connie gibson | |
My dear baby Troy was killedin Baghdad, Iraq giving his life to save 5 fellow soldiers and the small Iraqi girl sent to them with the bomb. My son wanted to be an Evangelist all his childhood, and until he died at 25 saving 6 lives. I have taken up his ministry by sharing Troy's life with others too. Please cont. to spread the word of God's love and be that shining light. I know where my son is, with the Jesus he loved so much. I too went through years of abuse at the hands of the man who professed to love me. God doesn't make garbage remember, but the devil does. I will pray for you, and please hold on to your memories. You WILL see your Amber again.
9 January 2010 - Repton, Al.
Paulinita Diaz | |
Love my 2 children they pass at the age of 6 months the boy was a water baby and the little girl at age of 71/2 yrs old. there father left me and i was all alone,But i pray to God to help me i was very sad very discomfort but the Lord gives great comfort for his own,I
happy know with my second huband who has 6 children we got married brought up with his help and Gods help he had a deaf mute boy which came out a greatkid and know hads 45 yrs old,but happiness never stays with you he gives and borrows it back my huband pass away in 1994 and know IM a widow and my children are marryed and have beautiful families which im greatful for God in me but you friend can asked it will be given to you and will be answer with acording your faith and your blessings the same comforted he gave me he will give you and yours and any person who has lose a love one,Amen.God Bless You and yours..
26 December 2009 - Florida
carol wood |
i came by this site by accident and read your story it is so sad to hear of people who have such anger and can hurt precious children my heartfelt thoughts go out to you
3 November 2009 - Australia
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
I am always amazed when I visit your site and wish you all the best of Father's LOVE and Kindness.
27 September 2009 - California (is there anyplace else?)
Janet Combs |
I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless you and your family. 26 years is not enough!!!
20 September 2009 - Marseilles, Illinois
Fritz Muffler |
It hurts so bad when you lose a "Little One", after a while you get to where it isn't all day, every day but it is with you for the rest of your life.
8 August 2009 - McHenry, Mississippi
Donna B | |
Your story is beautiful even though it hurts so much, you have shared with others so that they may be more watchful of their surroundings and help those who are in need, as you said, the hardest thing to do is leaave and that is what leads to more hurt. I do hope you let your heart heal by forgiving even though it hurts, that is what Jesus did for all of us, none of us deserved forgivness. Only can the hurt not control, but serve as a reminder of God taking her to a safety. A mother's love loves forever. May God bless you for sharing and I hope you find your heart healed of the hurt and count the blessings of the time you had with her. Sounds like you have a beautiful family to support you.
4 August 2009 - Pennsylvania
jan chappell |
-I live everyday with the results of my childs abuse. I still have her here and I will love her everyday!!! thank-you for your story.
29 July 2009 - canada
cynthia |
I found this site by accident, my eyes are crying for you and my heart is breaking, and I know some what you have gone through for I buried a child at the age of 13, he would had been 18 now and headed out to college but he is my angel now, Iam sure he sends. butterflies to me. He was born with a termial disorder at the age of 4 I knew he wouldnt grow up. You are in my prayers as well as other who have lost a child.
23 July 2009 - ohio
George Allan Wideman |
Thank for your bravery and courage to tell the story. We could not have children, Kathy and I, but God gave us to beautiful adopted children who are now 30 and 35. Be blessed, George..
18 July 2009 - Brilliant, Al.
Lisa Chapman |
May God bless you now and always. I hope that you can find some comfort in knowing that someday you and Amber will someday be together in heaven.
14 July 2009 - Lakle Ozark, MO
Cathy Patrick |
My eyes are filled with tears and my heart hurts for you. My daughters name is Amber Dawn ans now when i call her i will think of your little Amber only difference is i can see my Amber every day and you only see the White Angle Butterflies but your Amber is there with you right now. God Bless you
13 July 2009 - Columbus, Ohio
Roberta Cuite-DeRose |
Peace & Love to an extra Special Mother.
Your story is heartbreaking and I know God will give you the strength you need.
8 July 2009 - Farmingville, Long Island, NY

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