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Lisa Harper | |
Thinking of you today, god is a wonderful god and know your sweet daughter is by his side. You will see her again one day. For now, we're all just passing through this 'first life'. Take care and god bless
6 June 2007 - Belmont, NC
Marylou |
No one can feel the empty place in your heart like Amber -Just trust the Lord has a better place in HIS
My thoughts an prayers to you an famly
Mary lou
6 June 2007 - ohio
I love you Sissy. Youre the best sissy ever. thank you for watching over me & Mommy.

Love, Colin

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6 June 2007 - Ca
Mommy aka Heather | |
Hi honey. Mommy just wanted to say that she misses you so much. Im having a rough day today. Actually I do everyday. But I know that you are with me every step of the day. Thank you for that. I love you & wish you hadnt been taken away from me. But I know that God wanted you nearer to Him. Please keep a watch over us all honey.

Love, Mommy

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6 June 2007 - Ca
Charlotte Moore |
I read the whole story about Amber when I saw it. I could not stop. My heart goes out to you and your family. GOD BLESS!!!!!!
6 June 2007 - Ball Ground, GA
Sam Saalwaechter | |
6 June 2007 - N.W. Indiana 46342
Joy Lulham |
God Bless you, and may he keep on healing your heart and be assured that one day you will again be with Amber to share eternity.
6 June 2007 - Hudson, MI
Memaw Carolyn | |
Amber Linn I sure miss you. I think about you everyday.
One day we will all be together again.
You will always be our little angel that had those big blue eyes and precious smile.
I Love You Amber
Bye Ya
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6 June 2007 - Ca
Hello, I saw your page link on a message you wrote on the ivillage message boards. I read your story about what happened to your daughter and I have to say it truly touched me and brought me to tears as I read it... I am mommy to an 11 month old daughter, and cannot imagine going through any of what you have been through... God Bless You...
26 April 2007 - Orange County, CA
Freda Benjamin | |
This is a truly beautiful message, and I ask the Lord's blessings for all who participated in this, and keep up your wonderful work.

I recognized the voice of Roma Downey, and I would like all of the networks to realize how important programs like "Touched by an Angel" are, especially to the younger generation, who seem to only see the worst part of what is going on in this earth that God created for us.

I greatly miss other TV shows that have shown the goodness we can give to others, and I think that they are very important.

Everything new that comes out now seems to have too much violent content and too much of things that should not be shown, even though it is only implied. I am sure that everyone can read into it what is not shown, and that is not good.

Thank you for your wonderful achievements!
18 March 2007 - Cape Coral, FL 33990
Sheila V.
Dear Heather, I just visited your "Amber Site", and read the touching story of your little angel..My heart goes out to you..I too had an abusive father..Although I was so young, my older sisters,and my poor mother protected me from his beatings. My mother always took my beatings, and my middle sister was sexually abused by him for part of her childhood years..After my mother learned of this, she kicked him out..She was indeed brave to raise us three girls on her own,without any help from him..God rest her soul! May God help you cope with your tragic loss.Thank-you for sharing your wonderful site, it's beautiful!My best wishes to you all.Sheila V.
17 March 2007 - Cumberland R.I.
Southbreeze | |
Such a sweet and beautiful page "You Would Have Been Thirteen". I was really touched by the love that was so evident in the words. We don't know why God allows things to happen but we can always be sure that, He is in control. God Bless you and your family.
11 March 2007 - Georgia
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Carolyn and Heather,

Please forgive me for not signing here sooner, but I didnít want to forget your precious Amber Linn or her special page for her 13th birthday. I donít think it matters how many years pass by, we will always cry for our loved ones even though we know we will be with them once again one day. Although we can only try and imagine what Amber Linn would have looked like today, you can always remember her as the beautiful person she was.

It is so beautiful to see that Quint already has such faith and knows that one day he will see Amber Linn in Heaven. I do pray that his faith continues to grow because at 13 he is an inspiration to those around him.

Amber Linn may have left this Earth, but she will always be a beautiful child of the Lord.

God bless you both and give you strength at those times when you need it most.

1 March 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Heather | |
Hi Mom. Thank you so much for writing this & for making this page. You know how much it means to me. And you know that I have wanted to get online for the last few days to read it. Thank the Lord for Dad....... I now have a phone & internet. Im very thankful for the 2 of you. For always being here for me. And always being there for Amber. Shes no longer a little girl, but now a young lady. And I can hardly believe it. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much again for all of your continued support. I love you!!!!!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AMBER!!!!! You know that Mommy was thinking about you. I hope that you liked the balloons & flowers that Mommy, Daddy Daren & bubba Colin took you on your birthday. We miss you so much. I cant believe that Im a Mom of a teenager. Youre making me feel old. Ha. I miss you honey & not a day goes by that I dont think of you. You mean everything to me. I love you sweetheart!!!!!!!
24 February 2007 - Ca
Janis |
Happy Heavenly Birthday dear AMBER Linn, as you celebrate at the banquet table with Our Lord and all our loved ones. Maybe you met my daughter Suzanne, she was 23 when she left us here in 1994. Her Birthday was Feb. 4th, she would be 36. I know you both are loved from all here but, Our Lord is really taking care and loving you and you now enternal we miss you, life has changed and we still love you very say a little prayer for us down here, we still need them. Until we meet on the other side...Janis
20 February 2007 - Lakewood, NJ

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