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Carolyn | |
Happy 18th Birthday Amber Linn.
I miss you and love you so much.
Your Memaw forever..
20 February 2012 - California
Robin |
My heart aches for you..God Be with you..
10 February 2012 - NY state
Vicki L Harvey |
God Bless your little Angel Amber. She is with Our Heavenly Father, She is watching over her Loving Mommy and will be there for You when Your time comes.

God Bless you and bring You comfort.

Angel Huggssss, Vicki
2 January 2012 - Valley Glen, CA USA
Wow. Your story stirred in my heart. Thanks for having the courage to share. God bless you!
4 December 2011 - Kansas, USA
tom |
Dear lord watch over all these little Angles who have left this earth to soon.. ';';';'
26 August 2011 - Indiana
Carolyn | |
I miss you Amber. Sure wish you were here with us still.
Keep those angel kisses coming down for your Mommy.
I love you,
7 June 2011 - Callifornia
carrie roden |
Thinking and praying for you all today! I think of Amber often. She will always be in our hearts!! Love you!
6 June 2011 - fresno, ca.
Linda DuBose
I lost my son in 1998. He was 28 years old. It has been 13 years and seems like yesterday. I just read yourstory and it touched my heart. My prayers are with you.Amber is so beauitful. God bless you. From a mothers heart to your heart. Linda
6 April 2011 - Texas
Judy Darling-benson
this is a wonderful site, just found it when 50'and 60's jukebox was sent to me...nice to have some thing nice to go to...hank youso much and Bless you
1 April 2011 - Whitefish MT 59937
Linda Thomas |
Oh my goodness..such love you have for Amber and how precious she is. I just had my first (and probably only) grandchild April 6, 2010. Her name is Maia Rose Travis and she is also so precious. I cannot imagine the heartache you have endured but my heart goes out to you. I totally love your site and I feel the love you put into it in remembrance of Amber. I know that you have touched so many with your love and beauty. I have sent it to all my friends. I am enjoying all the different kinds of music and will continue to think of you each time I listen to all the beautiful songs you have selected and all the pretty artwork and the pictures of your precious baby and family. The website below is my son's website, the father of Maia Rose. He teaches elementary school and is a professional musician. Should you ever need any kind of music, feel free to contact him through his site. He is a loving, warm, precious son and his heart shines through in his music. He wrote all the songs in his 'All the Way Home' CD while his dad was dying of cancer in 2002. He is 37 and lives in Nashville, TN. I send you my love and admiration and thanks again for all the enjoyment you have given me through your site.
28 February 2011 - Princeton, KY
May God give you the strength you need.
You are in my prayers.
12 February 2011 - Va.
My Heart goes out to you, such a very sad and meaningless action, to take a very precious life off this earth. i am the Grandfather of a beautiful Angel who died 10 years ago at the age of 18 months old. she drowned at her aunts house, my middle daughter , the hottest day of the year pool party.... i was not there, i stayed home after work and took a short nap, only to be awaken by sirens going by my house and a phone call from my wife to tell me what had happened and thay were on the way to the hospital. i was the only family member not there , and i know if i were there it would have not happened.
i could go on for hours about what has happened since, it totally changed all the lifes that were related to her, some good , some bad... But thay say God does things for a reason.! you have my prayers and Love. its a real tough way of getting a real Angel to look over and for you, God Bless.
11 February 2011 - Erie,Pa. USA

Webmaster comments   Jerry,
This is Carolyn (Amber Linns Grandma).I'm replying because I made the website and maintain it for her. Thank You so much from my daughter Heather for signing in her guestbook with your kind words and prayers.
I am so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter. So sad to hear this. It is not your fault at all. I know how you feel though as I have been through guilt of letting them go. I was the one that took Heather and Amber Linn to the airport. I should never have taken them. If I had known anything was going to happen, I would have been there as fast as a plane could get me there.My hubby the same.But we knew nothing was going on. The thing that has helped me is I talk about Amber and so does my hubby, and most of all her Mommy, Heather. People do not like you to talk about it, tell us to forget it and go forward. Maybe they mean no harm, but unless it happens to them, they do not know how it feels.
A book could be written about our loss too. She will always remain close in Heather's heart and ours.
Even though she is married to a wonderful man and they have two children, none can ever replace Amber Linn. But that is not suppose to happen anyways.
How do people make it without the love of our Lord? He is the only way Heather and we have got through these horrible times.
Jerry with your little one and with Amber Linn, Heaven got so much sweeter. God needs little ones too. That is the only thing we can be sure of. And Heather will be with her Angel Amber Linn someday. You will be with your little granddaughter too.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Blessings to you.
Carolyn for Heather
C K Goh
I hope you and the rest of your family are doing fine. It's been a little over a month since I last signed in and everything with me and my family is pretty much the same and there is nothing much to update you except that the weather is going crazy or what!! When it rains it really rains and some areas flood which has not happened for a long, long time!! Guess we are just getting a fair share of unusual weather conditions like everyone else is around the world!!

Until next time,

Best regds to you and your loved ones.

God Bless you!
31 January 2011 - Singapore
I just read your story. It is so close to that of my fiance only she managed to get away from her 'monster.' Her daughter is 16 now and has only seen a photo of the monster so thankfully he has never been a part of her life. I know she wonders about him as some months ago she found in her grandmas house a photo of him holding her after she was born. When he left them he threatened to come back when she was a young teenager to 'get' his daughter. That never happend.
My heart goes out to you for your loss. God Bless you.
19 January 2011 - Mississippi
Jackie Bowman
I was in tears when I read this story. My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your family. May God shine upon you and bring you peace. As you stated, you will be reunited with little Amber when you are called home. In the meantime, her memory will be forever in your heart. God Bless
17 January 2011 - Wichita, KS

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