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Marie | |
What a sad story.We have a wonderful hope in the Lord that one day we will be reunited with those we love and be with them forever.Little Amber is with Jesus and He loves her very much. I pray that God will comfort you like only He can. Sincerely, Marie
10 November 2007 - Maine
Florence | |
Heather,my heart feels your pain, by the grace of God, my daughter didn't die.But she could'of, when I threw her across two rooms and she hit her head on the highchair leg. That was 45 years ago..but we will never forget it. I was abused by my Mother & I became abusive to my children. I prayed to God & went for help, got counseling, my kids were taken away for awhile, (19months) I asked forgiveness on my knees from my kids, and now they are all grown and married and I have 7 grandchildren. But we freely talk about the abuse so it will not pop up in their lives now,& if it does they know what to do about it.
16 October 2007 - Staten Island N.Y. USA
Lindsey Kelley |
I am so sry i will pray for u and ur family
14 October 2007 - West Blocton
ellie | |
10 October 2007 - USA
Florence |
Through my tears for you, I understand your pain & loss..But for the Grace of GOD I would of been there too. My 2nd daughter received the terrible blows of misdirected anger from ME!! Only from the Grace of Jesus, did she survive, and I received the help neccessitiy to learn how not to be an abusive parent as my mother was.(my Mom died when I was 13). Now my 4 children are all grown and we still can talk about those horrible days & realize how God helped us all just in time!
10 October 2007 - Staten Island N.Y. USA
Bernice | |
Hello Heather, my heart is broke as I read through the pages here the one about Amber, love her heart I know she is having a wonderful time with Jesus and the other Angels but I feel your pain too dear, hold on just a little longer and the trumpet of the Lord will sound and we will all be with Jesus and our loved ones for all eternity, your mom Carolyn is a earth Angel, we are friends, wishing you God's best, because of Calvary, Bernice
8 October 2007 - Canada
jean |
baby these things have gone on since the begining of time.we just hear more about it now because of the media,internet,etc.god said in Genesis,the imagination of mans heart is continually evil.may god bless and keepyou,and heal you.
6 October 2007 - oklahoma city,oklahoma
Mrs. Hester Gable |
So glad to have this site. It means alot to me. God Bless!!!
19 September 2007 - Apopka Fl.
i read your poem.i cried as i read this breaks my heart to see a child abused.i love each and every one.they are a gift from god.they will pay for what they have done.cause that is gods prayers are with you.god bless you.betty
12 September 2007 - ANDERSON,IND
Caneisa |
Im am so sorry for your loss. I bet that she was atrue angel. I can not believe how some one could be so mean to a beautiful lil girl. again I am truly sorry. May GOD and Amber be with u always. I pray for u always.. be strong cause u will be with again. and he will pay for what he has done....
11 September 2007 - Valdosta, Ga
Barb Bedell |
I'm a NICU nurse in Madison Wi. I'm praying for your strenghth on this day. May God richly bless you.
7 June 2007 - Monroe, Wi 53566
Linda Demaree | |
May God comfort you in your loss, and remember it is only a brief separation until you can be reunited with Amber in Heaven. May God Bless you.
7 June 2007 - Mississippi
tia marie |
Heather, I just wanted to say hello and let you know I have been thinking of you, your family and Amber these past few days..Be strong in Gods love,He helps us through..God bless you so much.
7 June 2007 - Australia
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
Wishing you the best and hoping you are comforted sweetly by the hand of the Lord
7 June 2007 - CA
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
praying for you, yes we're praying for you
Praying for peace and sweet comfort too
Praying His Wisdom in all that you do,
Yes sister Heather, We're praying for YOU.
7 June 2007 - Califiornia

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