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Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Heather,

I am sending a special prayer for Amber Linn and Heather on this day when Amber Linn would have been 14. She is an eternal child wrapped in the loving arms of our Lord, and one day I know that Heather will hold her close again.

Have a wonderful birthday with Jesus Amber Linn.

Never give up hope. That is a wonderful page and is so powerful in its words.

Keeping you Carolyn, also in my prayers.

May the Lord watch over you all.

20 February 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
Memaw Carolyn | |
Happy 14th Birthday Amber,
I sure wish you were here today. But I know your having a wonderful time with Jesus and everyone. So I will just sing today to you. You know your ole Memaw how she loves you.
Always in my heart and thoughts Amber.
Just keep those angel kisses sprinkling down on your Mommy.

I Love You
20 February 2008 - Ca
Mom aka Heather |
Well now my sweet little girl, okay teenager, LOL..... Youre 14!!!! Youre making your Mom feel old. Ha. I sure hope that your having a wonderful day in Heaven. Surrounded by those loving members of our family that have gone on before us. Youre are so lucky to have so many people who love you!!! Look at all of these nice comments that everyone is leaving for you!!!! You are so special to each and everyone of us!!! And I love you so much honey!!! I hope that you like the flowers & balloons that we brought you!!! Please make sure that they dont blow away in this storm. LOL. Your brother sure pitched a fit when he realized he couldnt keep them. But you know that already huh? And we hope that you liked the Spongebob Valentine balloon that your brother let loose the other day. Ha. He cried & cried until we told him that you should have a Valentine too. Then he smiled & was okay with that. LOL. And even happier when his Daddy brought another one home for him. But then again you knew that too. Here I am rambling. Oh well. I know that you understand me. :@) Well honey I need to go for now. But know that Mom loves you so very much!!!! Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. You are the most precious & wonderful daughter a Mom could ever have. I love you sweet heart!!! Have a wonderful 14th birthday!!!! xoxoxo


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20 February 2008
carrie sue
Happy Birthday Angel!! I am thinking of you and your family today!! I love you and miss you and think of you often!!
20 February 2008 - fresno ca.
Judy | |
I have been here many times before and had to stop in and wish Amber a Happy Birthday today with our Lord. I know she is watching all from the heavenly shores and smiling. It is a wonderful site you have made for her and know she loves it my dear friend. God bless you and someday you will all be united again in heaven. Love Judy
19 February 2008 - NY
Lara S. |
I know how hard the 20th of February is for Your ENTIRE Family. My thought and prayers are with you always. Celebrate the day, celebrate the life, Celebrate...because you know Amber is in Heaven!
18 February 2008 - CA
Nita Fordhsam |
Dear Carolyn & Heather - My heart goes out to bout of you in your loss of Amber but God has another litle Angel named Amber Nicole Fordham Born March 22, 1991 At 6 months premature but develooped into a typical 2 year ol befoe God decided he need another angel & took her to Heaven on April 12,1993 - She was our Pride & Joy & the Sunshine of our lives - We have a Wonderful Loving Caring God that we can Lean on & Lord my leaning on him has been great He has brought me through so many storms of life & I thank him & ask for his guideance just for One Day At A Time & to Let me contine to Lean on Him for Strength & Comfort My heaerfelt love , prayers * amypathy goes out to each of you Heather * Carolyn``I look forward to the mail for your inspirastionl messages & songs - Thanks so much for shasring your great talent with people like me..Keep up the great work - With God's wonderful love and his amazing grace I send SMiles, Big HUGs & prayers to both of you & family..Thanks so much & God Bless!!!
Love ya , Nita
18 February 2008 - Dublin GA USA
Sharon/AngelHeart | |
I wanted to drop in and tell Heather that I will be praying for her tomorrow and sweet Carolyn..
I also want to say I know the pain but Happy Birthday to sweet Amberluv tomorrow and she celebrates with Jesus, no pai,n no earthly sorrow, no sickness , and one day again you will celebrate all the birthdays with her and with Jesus and His Angels, so chin up and smile, for she flys so high in heaven with Jesus.....I bet if you let 1 single ballon off tomorrow the heavens would lift it right to her:)
Love to all of you from my heart!!
18 February 2008 - Virginia
Notek |
I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my only child to Leukemia. It is something you never get over, you just have to find a way to live with it. We went to Ecuador and adopted an abused child. I was so sad I feel that she saved my life and I saved hers. She is now 20. God Gless you.
27 January 2008 - New York City
Denise |
I know your pain... my son was murdered.. we walk a different path in life to all the others... my heart is with you..
5 January 2008 - Kent United Kingdom
3 January 2008 - LONGVIEW,WA
Lauretta Luff |
Thank you so much for telling your story. There are so many people out there like you who have been abused and their children. When the day of reckoning comes they will have their punishment. Just keep you faith and love the Lord.
30 December 2007 - Ontario Canada
Pat Ratliff | |
I just the story about Amber. The tears ran down my cheeks. I have a close friend who lost their daughter to a drunk driver. Little Heidi, as she was called by her mother would be 43, the same as my son is today. Parents aren't suppose to bury a child, as you said Heather. I live near Baltimore, MD and nearly everyday you hear about a child. Most of the time a reason for death isn't given out. My heart goes out to you Heather and your family. God Bless and may he keep you strong and you will see your Amber some day.
26 December 2007 - Maryland
Dee George | |
I have viewed many of your pages & have passed alot of them on to family & friends. I am so sorry for the lose of your lovely lil' "Angel" but I know she is better off in Heaven w/our Lord Jesus Christ.. May you & your family have a Blessed Christmas & New Year. If there is anything I can help with at anytime just let me know.
22 December 2007 - West Blocton,Al
pat hawks |
this is a great site will tell others about it god bless u take care we loce u all n christ's name
18 December 2007 - LOWGAP NORTH CAROLINA

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