Today You Would Have Been Thirteen


The day had finally arrived when you came into your Mommies life,
Many of your relatives waiting at home for the big surprise.
Each one seemed so excited to see,
Another baby on Grandpa's knee.

We all thought the time would never come,
But then the call came that you had arrived safe.
Tears of joy and laughter all over the place.
When the next day everyone got to see your beautiful face.

Pink filled our home with flowers, balloons and signs,
A rocking chair waiting for Grandma to hold you in her arms.
But not until your Mommy could rock you first.
From that moment on, our home was for your Mommy and You.

Time went by so fast and you turned age two,
Each new day brought you things to see and try.
You were called a princess when anyone seen you.
Always a little lady when someone stopped by.

It didn't have to be a holiday for you to get the attention,
It always seemed to be what they would mention from the start.
Where is the little girl that smiles so sweet,
Big blue eyes that would capture everyone's heart.

We can only imagine what you would look like today,
We know you would be the pretty little princess you started out to be.
It is just so hard to believe that today you would be,
A pretty sweet teenager of thirteen.

Keep the white butterfly flying through Mommies garden,
So she will always know her little girl is with her.
Mommy talks about you as if you were still here,
Because you will always be her little girl.

Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven

Love You Forever

written from my heart
Your Memaw


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Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given

Made With Love

Feb 20, 2007