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When Amber Entered Heaven

When a little child named Amber
Left this earth in such a way;
I bet the angels sang,
As she met Jesus on that day.

I bet when Amber saw Him,
She knew Christ her soul would keep;
And maybe she was thinking,
'Mommy please no tears to weep'.

Tho' such a little person,
I'll just bet that it is true;
When Amber entered Heaven
From that moment on, she knew.

A joy so undescribable,
Yes, she would understand;
I'll bet that she was smiling
As she took her Saviour's Hand.

It isn't hard to figure,
When she walked thru' Heaven's Door;
For Amber, great her happiness-
And joy forever more.

It could be she was thinking,
"Mommy, wait until you see;
How wonderful that Heaven is-
For such a brand new me!"

"So when for me you're lonely,
Mommy, 'member this somehow......
Your little Amber's happy,
'Cuz I'm with my Jesus now!"

Poem Written By: Tammy Boatman-Young
With love, to Heather; Amber's Mother

Thank You Tammy
Love Heather

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