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How can a Grandpa write a tribute to one who was so dear to him? You would say "Hi-ya" when I would come home from work. Well, "Hi-ya" back. I was there when your little head came forth, because you and your Mommy needed me. I saw your cone shaped head, and you looked so cute. I heard your first cry when Dr. Harris gave you that little swat. Ha ! That made you so mad. Then they cleaned you up, weighed you, and measured you, and then dressed you. And I guess you were glad when they finished, because you went right to sleep. You looked so cute lying there, cone head and all. Sorry I missed the day you first crawled. But you would raise up on all fours and rock back and forth. It was a "joy" to watch you. But you did it. Oh how I remember. We couldn't' keep up with you. And once you started crawling, you were off and going, even if it was backwards. Of course the video camera became my favorite item to grab when you did anything new. If I wasn't home either Mommy or Memaw grabbed it. I remember the day you first called me "Papa". That will make a Grandpa smile for good. I was so happy. Then you learned the sound of my truck. You would meet me at the back door smiling, saying "Papa" over and over again.... I would put things down and you would come first in my arms. My stuff would come later or someone else would get to it. Ha! Besides, you were the important "one" in our house. You knew that as soon as I took a shower it was "Horsey Time". You could barely wait, but you would watch cartoons until I came out. Then I layed on the floor, and you would climb on my back, and away we went. All over the house, and you smiling and giggling the whole time, barely hanging on. But I made sure you were on good. But you know your Mommy and Memaw made sure you were safe while the other one video taped us. Memaw was always afraid you would get hurt. Ha! Silly Ole Memaw! You always would laugh when I would say that. Sometimes we would go right through the kitchen when Mommy or Memaw was trying to fix dinner. They would tell us to get out and we just laughed at them. Your Mommy cleaned house for 3 different people. And she always spent all of her money on you. She bought you new outfits, shoes, and anything to wear. She would take you into your room, and get you all dressed up. Then Mommy would come out and tell us to close our eyes. And there you were beaming with a big smile on your face. Your chubby cheeks were so rosey. And your big "Blue" eyes just so happy. Then with hands on your hips, you would wait for your picture to be taken or the video camera to go on. Fun was when your cousin Quinton came over and we had 2 little ones to watch and play with. We saw your birthday only 2 times. Then on you and Quinton's second Christmas Santa brought Quinton a motorized motorcycle. So your Mommy and your Uncle Scotty put you both on it. And you both had so much fun, going through the house and through the kitchen, and Memaw telling you both to go someplace else and ride that bike. a! Of course I had the video camera. When you first starting putting your sentence's together, I loved telling you how beautiful you were and you always would say "Tankee" (Thank You) or "Peese" (Please). When you got a bit older you could say those big words so plain. Boy could you talk! lol We loved to hear you talk. You would sit on my lap and we would sing kid songs. "I'm a Little Teapot". and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". We could hear Mommy with you in your bedroom at nite and you would both be singing " Jesus Loves Me", and "Jesus Loves the Little Children". Mommy taught you how to pray every nite, You would fold your little chubby hands before we ate, and say, "Pray". Then you would always remember your bedtime prayers too! This made us so proud as Mommy was teaching you this, and to Love Jesus too! Then Mommy wanted to buy you a toddler bed. Mommy had a twin bed. She told you that you were getting to be a big girl now, and she wanted you to be right beside of her in your very own toddler bed, and then you would be just like Mommy! The nite that Mommy and I put the bed together, Memaw was holding you. You were so excited. She had you a new comforter set too! Then we finally got all done and in that bed you went and yes, we did take video pictures of you, and that big smile, when you looked up at Mommy, and said "Thank you Mommy"! In the two and a half years there was so much to remember. But then came the day that you and Mommy left. To go be with your 'father'. I held you that last day. It was so hard to let you go. Then only 7 weeks later we got that horrible nite time phone call. The next day, I saw you in the Trama Center at the hospital in Seattle. You looked so precious as the day that you left us with your Mommy. But you were unable to talk, see or squeeze my hand. God needed you more than I did, I guess to have called you home at such a young age. I held you one last time before I had to let you go. You will always live in my heart and I will remember you always.
Love Ya!! PaPa

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