Amber Linn's Memaw

This is the story about a beautiful little girl named Amber Linn. She is my granddaughter. I will never forget the night when we found out Amber was on the way. When we were told that the test came out positive, I headed for our daughter's bedroom, and my husband was right behind me. When Heather, sitting there on the chair, saw us we all hugged. She said, " I am sorry". We kissed her and told her that we would be here for her no matter what lay ahead of her. Scared? Oh yes! Very scared, our little girl was now going to be a mommy. That is a big responsibility for a young girl. And from the look on her face I know she was scared too. But I never heard her complain, she knew that she had to start growing up very fast. Heather did want to finish High School. And we wanted her to at least get her High School Diploma. So she signed up in a home school course 3 days a week for about 3-4- hours per day. I drove 25 miles a day round trip to their apartment to drive her to school. Then I dropped her off and I waited for her to finish at my home. I then drove to pick her up, and drove her back to her apartment. This went on for a little over a month. Then Chris told her she would never finish High School. I didn't say anything at the time, but I thought, "We'll see". She didn't go back to home school though until 1995. I will finish telling about her graduation on the other page about Heather. On a Friday, at the end of October 1993, Heather had an appointment with her doctor. She was going to have an ultrasound to find out what the sex of the baby was. Chris wasn't here so I went with her. I was there to share in her excitement when the doctor said it was a girl. Heather was very excited as she really wanted a little girl. After we left the doctor's office, you can guess where we went. To a baby store. I told her I wanted to get her a pink outfit and I did, from the headband, to socks, to the dress. (All pink). Then I told her to pick out some things and I would get them for her little girl. My husband and I were supposed to "Celebrate" our 25th anniversary on February 9,1994. We received our first gift on February 8th when our grandson Quinton, Scott's son, entered the world. Then on February 20,1994, Heather's little girl Amber came. It was a very long weekend. Heather had 46 hours of labor she had endured. But on Sunday, February 20, 1994, at 5:00 pm Amber Linn entered the world. I cried because I was so happy that my little 16 year old daughter wasn't in pain any more. That is a very hard thing for a parent, when their child is in pain or hurting. We never discussed with Heather what name she was going to put on the Birth Certificate. She was alone when the nurse came into her room and she filled out the papers. She put Amber Linn Lequieu on the papers. The next day Heather and Amber came home. She was greeted by her new cousin Quinton, who was now a whole 12 days older than she was. She was also greeted by her great-grandparents and her Uncle Arliss (he died 3 weeks later) and her Aunt Jean came by also. Heather went ahead and cared for her daughter in our home. My husband and I worked and we provided for our granddaughter. And I don't regret one single penny. When Amber and Quinton were together we had so much fun. They were just like twins. When we decided because of 2 new grandkids, we would need a new video camera to tape them, we had so much fun doing it, watching them grow. Heather was such a good Mommy. And Amber Linn was crazy about her Mommy. She was a real Mommy's girl. When I came home from work, Heather had the house all cleaned up and all the laundry done. She would play with Amber and have her in her swing or playpen. She would play children's music and sing to her. I want to say that Heather was not playing house. She took her Mommy responsabilities very serious. But she had fun with her little girl too. She would read to her alot and get her new books all the time. Believe me, Amber Linn had alot of books. Alot of them belonged to Heather when she was a little girl. Amber laughed and had so much fun with her Mommy and anyone who came to our house. She was such a good little girl. Our family had so much fun when Quinton would come to visit. When Scott would drive up , Heather would run out to the truck and they would trade babies and when it was time to go they would give the right baby to the right parent. Now that was alot of fun to watch. Boy do I miss seeing that happen. The very first time that we took Amber out of town was to visit Uncle Scotty when he was working as a fireman for the state by Santa Cruz. She was only 3 months old. Heather really enjoyed getting out of town, especially since it was at the coast. Amber was so good on the trip. She was cooing and smiling alot. By now Amber was turning over, and she had to be watched every minute. But that didn't upset Heather. She watched her very closely. Then she started crawling and Heather would put her in her playpen while she cleaned, did the laundry or whatever she had to do. Then came the days of snacks, Cheerios, etc... Amber would jabber words that only a mother could understand. We would say to Heather, "What did she say?" , Heather would reply, "Well can't you understand her? I can". Heather would just laugh and we would too. Heather would put Amber in her high chair and fix dinner. She would sing silly songs or let Amber listen to some songs on one of her little kids tapes. I came home to dinner and my husband would come home right after that. Amber would eat Cheerios or some other treat while her Mommy would fix dinner. She would get so excited to see me and my husband come through the back door. Another thing as she started getting around was watching her trying to catch out little dog Mollie. She called her "Maw-ee". She also loved her Uncle Scotty's Border Collie Ski. She would laugh when she would see him do tricks. In July 1994, we took her to Oregon to visit her great Aunt Sue and Uncle Tommy. That was a very nice vacation. Heather and Amber stayed with their cousins. Amber was so spoiled while staying there. She was only 6 months old, and her second cousin Debbie bought her a walker. Heather put her in it, and within a few minutes she was going backwards. Then forwards, and sideways, and oh no, everywhere. Her Mommy lost control from that time on. Ha! She was such a good little traveler. We would only have to stop about 4 or 5 times to let her little body rest. And ours too. Back at our house great Grandma and Grandpa Nored would have to see her at least once a day, just in case she might have grown an 1/8 of an inch or so. Ha! They really loved her. That was great Grandpa's "Tooter Gal". And boy did she love to see them too. She always knew when we drove up to their house. She grew up to be bigger and she also grew to like something new too. "ICED TEA". Between her great Grandpa Nored and her Uncle Tommy, they had contests to see who could get her to drink the most from their glass. She didn't want her own glass, she only wanted to drink from theirs. Birthdays and Christmas were alot of fun. Heather would tell her about Heaven and Jesus. She learned to say her bedtime prayers. She was so happy when rewarded for telling her Mommy she had to go potty and then used the big girl potty. She giggled so cute. I could really write a book on Amber Linn and the joy she brought to our home.She was the sweetest and best behaved little granddaughter that I could have ever ask for. Amber Linn..... I uv-ooh and miss you.....

HUGS! Memaw

"Thank you Donna"

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