Pray For Our Children

Dear Lord, I am coming to you today with a heavy heart,
over our children. Lord you have sent us these
Precious Little Ones to Love and take care of.
They come into this world with the natural
trust in their little minds and bodies,
from the very beginning of the day they are born.
It is only normal for them to trust us.
Then they begin to grow and like in the picture,
they learn to take a first step with never thinking
that the older ones will not catch them if they fall.
I Pray Lord that in some way our Children will be safe.
It does not even have to be a little one
that is being abused.
Lord many older Children and even Adults are
being hurt and killed.
But they are someone's Child and are Loved by Someone.
Lord people ask me how can I even talk about this.
I say to them, how can I NOT?
The papers are full everyday of this horrible thing.
I ask that you Lord will convict everyone to reach out,
and try to protect our Children.
In Your Precious And Holy Name I ask You
To Wrap Them In Your Loving And Safe Arms

Heather her Mommy


In Loving Memory Of Amber Linn And All Abused And Murdered Children....

Help Stop Child Abuse

First of all I would like to
say the reason for me doing this page
is that I want to help any child
that might be going through abuse
verbal, mental, or physical abuse
I also want to say to the Mommy or Daddy
that is the innocent parent
Do Not!! blame yourself and do not
let anyone tell you that it is Your Fault !!

I have a phone number below for help
Call Now And Do Not Wait

Childhelp's National Child Abuse Hotline
1-800-4 A CHILD (800-422-4453). TDD: 1-800-2 A CHILD.

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