Hidden Blessings

We are so blessed with many things;
We're blessed with good and bad.
We're blessed with things that make us smile,
And some that make us sad.

Some blessings are the gifts we have,
And talents we possess,
Like painting, or a song we sing,
Or written thoughts expressed.

These blessings help us grow inside,
While sharing things we do,
And often help some other folks,
To see the hard-times through.

But some things are so difficult,
The blessings hard to see,
They often cloud or grip our lives,
In spite of prayerful pleas.

If we can learn to see a good,
In things that get us down,
Then we can see the blessings in,
The things that made us frown.

It must have been so very hard,
For Mary on that day,
To watch her Son be crucified,
As she knelt down to pray.

He was the perfect Son of God,
So young, with much to do,
And yet He was called home to God,
A tortured death gone through.

As we recall our Savior's life,
And then our lives compare,
It seems a little easier,
To see the joys we share.

For he has risen home to God,
In heaven's home above,
And we can each be joining Them,
Because of Father's love.

James O'Brien
June 2003

Used With Permission
James O'Brien



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