I know how much you love me
All your tears I clearly see
But don't worry Mommy
Jesus is here with me.
I remember all the fun things
that we used to do
I miss laughing and running
and playing with you.

You used to read stories
and sing sweet songs to me
I miss sitting on your lap
and bouncing on your knee.
At night you tucked me in
and together we would pray
You taught me to love Jesus
and follow in his way.

I miss your big hugs
and kisses on my face
None of Heaven's angels
could ever take your place.
I see you hurting
and missing me so and
I am so sorry it was time for me to go.
But Mommy, please don't worry
too much about me
I am with Jesus in Heaven

playing and running free.
Mommy please don't think it's your fault
I had to leave that day
I know how much you love me
and how badly you wanted me to stay.
I would rather be there with you
in your loving embrace
I would love to see just once more
your beautiful smiling face.

But God said it was time for me
to leave and join him by his throne
So I obeyed his command
and left my earthly home.
But Mommy I want you to know
I love you so very much !

And I can't wait to see you again
and to feel your loving touch.
I am sending you angel kisses
to hold next to your heart
For one day we will be together again
and will never be torn apart.

This poem was written by Leigh Moss
especially for Heather for June 6, 2002

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