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Everything included on Amberluv Website is either original.
Things that have been sent to me by dear friends.
Some things I have saved over the years,
others may be wonderful e-mails that I have received, and
wanted to share with all of you.

Poetry, Stories, and other items.
If the work is original, the author has been given
and linked back to their own website.
I always do get written permission from the author if,
it is listed that the author is named and copywrited.
If the author is unknown,this will be noted on that page.
and if you see a poem and you are the original author,
please e-mail me with proof and I will either give you
credit, or remove it from my site,as I do feel credit
should be given where credit is do.
I will be willing to go by your wishes.

On all of my graphics sets from all of the nice people that,
make them so pretty for us to use, and I do use linkwear.
I do always give them credit and link back to their sites.
this is done according to their wishes on the pages.
I do wish to Thank You all for sharing so much of your hard work,
and talent with so many of us to be able to use on our sites.
May God Bless All Of You!

With all of my songs, if it be Midi's or Wav's!
I have used many that I have been given permission to use.
some are friends of mine that wrote the songs and are singing
some I have been sent from by sites that have them to us,
to use on our websites.I also searched engine for some of my songs.
All songs that I use it are for background listening and enjoyment only!
There is absolutley no profit gain from any of the music on my website!
So please support your singing artist and go and buy their cd's.
I do not believe in taking anything that is not offered for us.
I wish to thank you very much for allowing me to use your songs.

God Bless All Of You!

I use the No Right Click on my pages so that I can try and properly,
protect the integrity and trust that others have placed in me.
And to protect their wonderful work with so much talent.
I have never been ask to do this before by the artist,
but I do feel that this is only fair to them, for being so kind to me.
Please write the artist or whoever so that you can do the same
They work very hard to make this all possible for all of us to enjoy.
Common Courtesy is to ask before you take!

Like I said before I take NO CREDIT!!!
for certain things unless it is made by Me!
and then I will tell you on that page.
Thank You For Your Interest in Amberluv!

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