Amber Linn Lequieu
February 20 1994 - June 6 1996

Angel Amber Linn

Young and old alike
new Angels are born every day and night.

Don't know who, where, why or when
but God takes some Angels now and then.

Wars, famines, floods, and fires
cancers, aids, and many more undesired.

But more often than not murder is the case
taking innocent lives which can not be replaced !

I know of an Angel that was taken in this way
her name is Amber Linn and now and Angel she'll stay.

Her Mommy's name is Heather and she lives with this everyday
trying to go on with out her and just taking it day by day.

Amber Linn was only 2 years old
and it doesn't seem fair that she's not here to hold.

But because of Amber others live on
and that is one thing that keeps Heather going.

Ambers not here but part of her is
and what's more special than a life you could give ! ?

Written : June 8,2004
with love and hugs to Heather
Your friend always, Trisha

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Thank You so much Trisha for writing this special poem for Amber Linn
Love Heather






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