~*~Amber Linn~*~

We think of you often our lovely one.
We know you live on beyond the sun.
With your Precious Jesus and all of His Love,
And you abide in peace up above.

But in our hearts there is a place,
That will always be an empty space,
That not another person will ever fill
Your love we miss, and forever will.

Would you be blond, red or brunette,
Questions we ask, answers we'll never get.
Would you be mild and meek?
Would you be joyful, our favor to seek?

Would MacDonalds be a treat to you
Or do you think Burger King would do?
We know without a doubt you would be smart.
You were showing that right from the start.

You stole our hearts, took our breath away,
And there's where you will forever stay.
One day we will meet you in heaven, our sweet,
And hold you so close, and then we'll be complete.

I would like to dedicate this poem to
~*~Amber Linn~*~
Written for her Mom, Grandmom, Grandpa , and Uncle.
With my love, and much sorrow for all of you.


Silver and Gold and Thee

Thank You So Much Melva,
For Writing This Special Poem
Amber Linn would have been 11 years old on 2-20-2005.

Love Heather & Family

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Angel 3

Made With Love
Feb 20, 2005